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Okay so...

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Okay so, although I have not had a breakout to my knowledge, I have been stressing over this.... and losing my hair! I believe I have had traction alopecia for years that really reveals it's ugliness when I am under stress.(I woke up a few mornings ago and a patch had broken off while I slept.) I have to worry little about breakouts, and more about shedding all my hair because it's so fragile, more so now. This is so upsetting. And Herpes is sooo unnecessary!


I just needed to vent because this adds to my frustration. I have been wondering whether I am currently experiencing prodromal symptoms or whether it's just my body adjusting to this homewrecker.

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Awwww.... (((HUGS)))


Sorry you are dealing with both things.... alopecia can be so frustrating.... and Herpes is such a nuisance... but BOTH are great for teaching you how important it is to manage your stress.... so while I know you are frustrated, try to see the lesson that is being brought to you by both conditions....


And Herpes ISN'T a homewrecker unless you condition yourself through your language to believe it is. I've been in THREE relationships now (one for 20 years... two 3 year relationships) and Herpes was never an issue as far as the relationship went.... ;)



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:) Thank you much, @WCSDancer2010. That is true. As a person of faith I know things are the way they are for a reason... It's just going through the motions gets tough. I am looking for new productive ways to divert my attention. I have always been a worry bug and as many challenges I've been through you'd think I would have learned by now. I know that these things help to keep me grounded so I'll just take it as that. haha :/


And yes, words are so powerful... so I won't use that again. And that is awesome... I hope to meet a potential companion that is accepting in due time.

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