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New to all of this, need some giudance?

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Hi everyone, I am so glad I found this site. I am new to this whole thing and really need some more answers than I'm getting off Google. So I was just diagnosed with HSV1&2, I wasn't experiencing any OB's, but I saw some pictures that made me think I had it. I believe this is something I have had for at least 16 years, if not longer. I always ignored it because the only symptoms I had were a couple of blisters on my genitals. I would only get these after a lot of sex or after masturbating to much. So I always thought it was a friction burn. I have also never had a cold sore a day in my life, never. So I never connected the two. I will say that I was very scared when I first found out, but I am starting to come to terms with it. I do have some questions though.


1. If this is something I have had for so long, what are the chances I could catch it somewhere else on my body?


2. Is it possible that I only have HSV 1&2 on my genitals, and not oral?


3. Is there any way tell what part of your body you are infected in. I know that the two kinds prefer certain areas, but how do you know if you don't have symptoms.


I have been freaking out since I found out that I am going to get this on my face or in my eyes, or some where else on my body. I also have not touched myself(sexually) since I found out. If I have had this for so long, why am I freaking out so much now? Should I just go back to my regular lifestyle and not worry about spreading it?


Thanks for the help, and it is great to know others are in the pool with me on this.

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First - Welcome and glad you found us :)


To answer your questions, seeing as you have both, you are now "safe" from getting it elsewhere unless your immune system gets really weak.....you should have antibodies built up to both so your body should be able to fight it off is you are exposed to someone with it.


While it IS possible you have goth genitally, odds are you have HSV1 oral... but the only way you will know will be to have it cultured when you have an OB... and even then, you may only have 1 breaking out at a time. You could have had HSV1 oral since you were a child and never known it.


While you won't know exactly where you have it if you don't have an OB, the mouth and the genital/boxer region is where 99% of Herpes hangs out...given how long you have had it, you should be pretty safe from getting it elsewhere... I *would* be careful to wash hands before touching your eyes but to be honest, if you've had it 16 years and never got it on your eyes, then odds are you are not going to spread it now.


Now, this is important. Yes... go back to your previous lifestyle as far as masturbating (maybe use a little more lube in future to help reduce OBs from friction). However, you need to learn about something called "Asymptomatic Shedding"... this means that you could be shedding the virus (ie, you can pass it on to your partner) even when you are not having an outbreak. And you certainly should abstain from sex during an OB..... (Did your Doctor not tell you any of this??????)


There are drugs that are anti-viral that you can take that will reduce the chance of spreading the virus to a partner ... and you can do a lot of things with diet/lifestyle to help too (there are LOTS of great discussions about that on here... I STRONGLY urge you to read as much as you can on here then come back with any questions). I would also read the handouts and e-book that Adrial has provided HERE:






Disclosure e-book:




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