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ok...dental dams to protect from herpes .... whaaaaaaaaaat?

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Hey guys im fairly new here....just diagnosed with herpes about a week ago...just got done w my first OB. Not pleasant...but tolerable. I have just disclosed to my boyfriend...who after educating himself w the many handouts found on this great forum told me im worth the risk. Now..ive been reading about dental dams...and I guess I wanna ask...for those here who have used them....does it still feel good? What r some top fave flavors? Where can I purchase them? Thank u!

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LOL - gotta say, never used them - but I bet if you google "dental dams" you will get not only a lot of info but plenty of places to buy them.


I'll be interested to read the experiences of others myself :)


Remember, HSV2Genital doesn't transfer easily to the mouth ( <1% of Oral herpes is HSV2) so if you are on the anti-virals, it's a pretty good chance he will be safe from getting it on his mouth... he's more likely to get the "cold sore" version (HSV1) from kissing ... I think I remember you have both? Or is it HSV1 Genital?? If it's HSV1 genital it also doesn't shed nearly as much so with the anti virals there would be a very small chance of spreading it to your partner's mouth or genitals...

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Ive had HSV 1 since I was little....passed on by my dad! Im fairly certain I now have HSV 2 down under.....im planning to be on the antiviral.....I got blood tested and tested + for HSV 1 but - for HSV 2 but I know that can be due to it being fairly new...so I will retest in about 5 mo. I wanna say that my GP did type specific when he swabbed me during an active OB....but im not certain. I have this feeling it he was calling HSV 2 because of location.

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Yes and no! It feels great because you know you are practicing safer-sex, and no because it doesn't feel the same compared to without it. It might take time to adjust to using dental dams but it is totally worth it. I continue to use them with partners to prevent from passing on h to someone who doesn't have it. If you and your partner both have it then it is up to the both of you to decide what will happen. I have my h contained in one area and continue to use dams to prevent it from showing up in other places. Although transmission is rare in some cases, it does not make it impossible.


Dental dams are very expensive and I live in a small city in Canada so dental dams aren't available on the shelves, only online. You can make a small dental dam out of a condom by unrolling it, trimming the edge and then up the side, you can google "how to make a dental dam out of a condom" for visual instruction. Saran wrap is also a good alternative because you can make the sheets as big as you need to, since h usually surrounds the 'boxer short area' it will cover more than a cut up condom.


To make the experience more enjoyable I like to use lube on my partner's side. There are some nice warming and tingling lubricants on the market that can enhance sexual pleasure. As for flavor of dental dams, strawberry is my pick! Try them all out though and see what you and/or your partner likes.

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