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Hey H'oppers

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I'm sick.... And I'm literally crying because I feel so bad. I ain't broke out not that kind of sick, but I'm sick. Aching all over and swollen, sore throat. No fever. Bought to gargle some salt water, I noticed white spots on my tonsils.... Yay. Other than that, I'm awesome. Hope things are good for you and you are having a fantastic day. Sending love, from my laid up in bed ass. :)

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@thisisgoingtobeokay. Sounds like me! I woke up like that this morning... Started to feel paranoid and figured I'd get tested again for the Big H virus :o . Oh, those white spots may be tonsil stones which can be removed at home (instructions online) but if that aren't removable then it may be tonsillitis... I had my bout for months since last year. Gargling with listerine can help keep the bacteria down in the meantime. Back to the symptoms you... and I are feeling, are those normal to experience due to H??

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Awww @thisisgoingtobeokay.... wish I could bring you some Chicken Soup :(


Be careful you don't have Strep... those tonsils sound like they are not happy :/


And I really find the Chewable Airborne tables really useful for sore throats - puts the stuff right on the area that is infected/swollen and seems to help knock it down.



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Thanks y'all. I just woke up from a four hour nap. So I hope that helped. And @wcs I could use some soup. My lower back and shoulders are what is killing me. I figured it's either drainage or strep... I have had the white spots before...a few times as a kid. I'm going to try that airborne idea. I hate head colds. I've got a lot of um collected spit at my tonsils that keeps gathering and swallowing hurts like a mofo. I'll be okay! I'm a big girl, I can handle a head cold. For sure, haha! Thanks for the tips ladies. I may go run and grab a steroid shot in the morning. Those seem to help me a lot on the energy home front! Love y'all!

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Funny - I'm the opposite. I don't get tested unless I'm sure something is really wrong. I live my life in such a way as to support my body .. especially emotionally/spiritually. I listen to my body... NOT my head ;)


I think that is the secret... overthinking things will actually cause you to miss the REAL information that your body is trying to give you. Its a practice that will bring you peace and stops the anxiety, but it takes time to learn to do it.

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Ha! I fell asleep! So nice to hear from all of you, although @thisisgoingtobeokay ... feel better. Nothing like a virus to make you feel horrible .. yuck! @ChanelChanel thank you for your compliment :) @WCSDancer2010 it's so true about not over-thinking.. I do it all the time. Been struggling myself a little. The person I've been dating for two months is more than likely bi-polar and it's been up and down for a few weeks. I can't help but go back to that little voice inside my head that says he just doesn't care about me and his coldness and distance is about me and not his condition. Does anyone have any experience in this realm... am I in over my head? God, I'm so sick of relationships ending :(

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I hear ya bout relationships ending... sucks to start over. But do remember.... YOU CAN'T FIX HIM. If he can't/won't go on meds to stabilize him and to get the right help to teach him how to cope with his illness, RUN. Being on a Yo-yo at this point of a relationship is a big red flag.


I've stayed in too many relationships for too long because "starting over" sucks. It's not a good reason to stay... in fact, it's a horrible reason to stay.


Search your heart and you will find the answer.


((HUGS))) chica

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We broke up. I told him he needs help. It's heart breaking but he really is mentally ill. I know I can't fix him and I said we could still be friends, to reach out anytime for support. Hopefully, this is taken well. With Bi-polar and no meds you never know. I'm going to pray for him. Thanks, Mother Dancer, @wcsdancer2010 :)

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So sorry but it sounds like the right thing to do...


He CAN have a "normal" life but the problem is many people who are bi-polar continually go off their meds. Unless and until he completely submits to his condition and what needs to be done to help him, he won't be fit to be in a relationship with anyone.



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