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hsv 1 or 2?

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so i'm trying to figure out if i have hsv 1 or 2 or both. when I received the news my gyn told me that hsv 1 and 2 are the same so I was never told which one I got and i've been wondering if they're the same why is there a 1 and 2 lol. I was also told depending on where the virus hangs out more confirms which strain of the virus you have. my first two obs were both my mouth and down there but since then i only get obs on my mouth, so are the statements true or should i just go get another blood test…


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Oh wow! I've learned that you can get more reliable answers here than from the doctor. They are NOT exactly the same they look the same just about under the microscope. But they behave differently depending on the site (heads or tails haha). Oral HSV 1 is the most common... usually passed during childhood. It is becoming common to have genital HSV1 too... 50% of new cases are this due to oral sex. HSV2 is usually genital... and Oral HSV2 is RARE.. only about 1% of HSV2 infections.


Here is a handout that sums it up pretty well



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Ugh - unless you were first diagnosed a long time ago, I'm afraid you are a victim of yet another ignorant Dr (I'm assuming you went to a Family Dr for diagnosis?)


Yes - you are right - if they were the same thing, they wouldn't need 2 different "types". Odds are you have HSV1 Oral and HSV2 Genital. The handout that Chanel put up there is great for helping you to understand the details of them both - the asymptomatic shedding is the thing that you need to understand... You can still pass H on even when you don't have an OB so knowing which one you have helps you to understand the risks for your partner.


I would go to Planned Parenthood for the blood work - they have a lot more experience with it and will give you better information...

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