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Herpes on the cervix?

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I was recently diagnosed with genital HSV2. The diagnostic wasn't obvious as I had no apparent sores but a pap smear confirmed it. My doctor told me I had herpes on the cervix.


I am unclear on what it means and entails.


Does any of you have herpes on the cervix?

Why does it elect location there rather than "outside"?

Is there any risk for fertility and child birth?

What do outbreaks feel like/look like, and how do you care for them?


Thank you very much for sharing your story!

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Many women have herpes internally... I've not heard of a Pap smear being used to diagnose it though... are you sure they didn't mean HPV???? HPV typically resides on the cervix. I think before I answer any more I'd want you to check the test results - I'm pretty sure you are dealing with HPV - which is the Human Papiloma Virus, not the Herpes virus....

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If they cultured your cervix, it's a Pap smear. And if there were no apparent sores, they couldn't culture you for Herpes but they COULD culture you for HPV. For HSV, the doctor has to open a blister to get the fluid inside to do the culture. The only way to diagnose HSV without an outbreak is by blood test. So I still am having a hard time with the test that you say you had, and the diagnosis that you were given (or at least, heard)


To be honest, I tell anyone who has ANY testing to always insist on a paper copy of the results - not just what they tell you on the phone, for exactly this reason... if you had the paper you could tell us what the diagnosis said and the actual numbers given to arrive at that diagnosis. When you are given a result on the phone it's really really easy to misunderstand what they are saying because we tend to go into freak-out mode if it's anything other than a "negative" result.


I would call and ask if you can pick up a copy of the test results and then come back here with what it said.



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Hey @justine1984


1.Does any of you have herpes on the cervix?

I am going to get checked further to find out whether or not I do. You can't find reliable information about herpes on the cervix online (mainly I found something on blogs or discussion boards... no thank you), but I did stumble upon one some time ago and it said that herpes on the cervix can increase chances of cervical cancer. It did not elaborate or go into detail about anything else concerning this. (I tried to search for the website again. I will try again for myself as well and send the link to you.)


I think that just watching for cervical cancer by getting check ups when you are due or when you are experiencing something abnormal will be enough to prevent this complication.


2. Why does it elect location there rather than "outside"?

It generally and most often elects to breakout where ever the virus first entered the body.


3. Is there any risk for fertility and child birth?

There is a risk to a newborn contracting H... the most prevalent one can be prevented with taking caution... the others are rare, but unavoidable. Here is the link to the information I found: http://www.nytimes.com/health/guides/disease/herpes-simplex/possible-complications.html


4. What do outbreaks feel like/look like, and how do you care for them?

Outbreaks vary in look... because I have never notice and blisters then scabbing/crusting (which is the typical OB), I am not sure. But I learned about blisters, clusters/overlay of tiny bumps, even simple tiny pimple looking forms (single or numbered), or just even cuts/tears in the skin.


I don't know anything to suggests for care, because I've mainly experience mild itching. Anti-virals, pain relievers, topical anti-virals may be effective, anti itch creams. There are others that are more on the home remedy side.


AND yes, if it is not confirmed as hsv on the cervix. It could be hpv causing genital warts. I guess be clear to get the right test/examination to confirm. Get blood work.

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@WCSDancer2010, I asked my doctor for confirmation and she wasn't available but the nurse said they did a culture of the fluids they collected from my cervix. If there were sores on it, I assume their contents got into the mix. The fact is, they found HSV2. There is no questioning the diagnostic.


I asked if they also tested me for HPV and they say they didn't.

I'm going to go again in two weeks to get tested for that. It would really be a blow if I had that as well. And based on the statistics, I'm a little apprehensive.


Also they agreed to send me a paper copy of my results. I guess I just had to insist a little :)


I'm a bit worried right now because I did my 10 days of Acyclovir and I was feeling much better (they started the treatment before the results came in when they only suspected it could be herpes) but since I finished, 2 days ago, my headaches have come back and I started noticing a tiny bit of blood in my vaginal discharge. There is also a bit of external itching but again, no apparent sores.

I wonder if I could be relapsing so early or if these are just the last symptoms of my first outbreak lingering?


I know I've been feeling tired and extremely stressed out by it all. I've been crying a lot.

I'm trying to get over it but I don't think I can start healing emotionally as long as I keep having symptoms. I feel "broken" and really isolated.

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@ChanelChanel, thank you for your message. Please let me know how your test go. If we both have it in the same place, we can probably learn from each other :)


Not super excited about what you say about cancer and child birth, but hopefully that can be controlled.


Have a good day and feel better!

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Will do... Once I get the strength to go lol. I don't know if I can take anymore news at the moment since I am still adjusting to this.


And that's if the website is correct about the herpes on cervix relationship with cancer. It JUST increases your chances from what it says. And I know a woman who has 4 children and one on the way.... She has herpes and never had any complications... they are just possibilities but SMALL ones.. as long as you share with your doctor you have herpes and want to do what you can to prevent possible transmission during labor you will be fine. No OB during labor time and you can have a regular canal delivery.


And same to you :)

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