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Duration of time between initial herpes infection to the first herpes outbreak?

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Is it possible to be unknowingly infected with HSV2 (genitally), be asymptomatic for a period of approximately 9-16 months AND then have a super severe first outbreak, followed by outbreaks every couple of months? I've had HSV2 for almost 2 1/2 years now, and experience regular outbreaks (used to be every 4-6 weeks...now they are every 2-3 months and severity has decreased substantially as time goes on).


The person who I'm very sure gave it to me still denies that he has it. We dated for a month before having sex. Within a week after having sex with him several times, I was experiencing a full blown outbreak. I had a fever, I had a lesion just at my vaginal opening, and I was also afflicted with a nasty case of bacterial vaginitis. I went to the CDC and was swabbed and, soon after diagnosed with HSV2. It took me a month to heal since I was stricken with a second outbreak shortly after the initial one subsided. It was ridiculous!! :-\


I experience outbreaks every 2-3 months or so now. They are nowhere even close to the severity of the one associated with, what I believe was the initial infection.


I've only had sex with 2 people in the last 3 1/2 years. Before this relationship (the one I am convinced that I got infected from), I dated a guy for 7 months. We parted ways and I was single for 9 months. Is it possible that I contracted the virus from the first relationship and then carried it asymptomatically for 9-16 months with absolutely no symptoms or outbreaks?


I just really want to know what the odds are that I did in fact get infected from my first partner. It seems very odd to me that that could be the case but I just want to hear what people have to say about this. I believe the person who infected me is lying or in severe denial. It just seems very odd that I could carry the virus for so long and then get hit with such a traumatic outbreak within a week of becoming sexually active with a new partner.


I graciously welcome your feedback! :)

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So I just wrote this for another:


The bottom line with Herpes is it's a slippery devil that doesn't play by any hard and fast "rules" or symptoms. Some people never have a single outbreak or prodrome (pre-outbreak symptoms). Some people's bodies struggle for a year or two to get the virus to settle down and go into dormant spells. The majority who have an OB will have one or two, maybe 3 OB's and then the body starts to gain the upper hand. And some respond to Valtrex very well and others can't even take it because of the side-affects.


There are so many things that could be the reason for the difference from one person to another: Stress levels, hormones, diet, age, other illnesses/diseases, sex (women seem to "suffer" more than men because of our delicate lady parts), sex (rough sex causes some to have OB's), exposure to sun (for some), and likely (tho I have not seen studies, I'd place a wager on this and I'm not a betting person), genetics... they have found some people fight off HIV better than others because of a particular gene in their DNA so I'm guessing that the same could be for HSV.


..... So yes, you *might* have carried it for that time, and it *might* be that the sexual activity with the second guy caused you to have an OB (some people find that sex triggers OB when they are first dealing with H) . However, the majority of people have their first OB within 1-3 weeks of the initial exposure. Odds are, it was the guy who is in denial.


Point is tho, even if he gets tested now and comes up positive, you will never know if he got it from you or visa versa, and to be honest, it's a moot point now. Why are you worrying about it now? It's done, it's in the past, and you can't change it. Let it go and move on my friend ... ;)



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Hello WCSDancer...


Thanks very much for your feedback. I know it's a moot point...It just nags at me now and then (because of the lies and the deception and my naivety). I am finally starting to come to terms with everything. I'm taking very small steps, but I'm steppin'!! :)

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Hi jj1966,

I, like you, have struggled with the "who" I got infected by. I just recently got through my first outbreak which I would consider pretty bad. It started with a few ulcerations in the vaginal area and four in the pubic hair area. A few days later, three more showed up. Very, very painful. I had a 103 fever and pains down the back of my legs for some of those days and was absolutely exhausted. The total episode was about two weeks and I had started taking Valtrex about 1/2 way through when the diagnosis came back positive. This first outbreak was about 11 months after I believe I was exposed to HSV-2. I don't understand the reason for the delay, but like you was battling bacterial vaginosis and also yeast infections which had been recurring for probably 6 months, so my system was run down. My guess is that was the trigger for my OB.


I too know it's a moot point, but at the same time, knowing who I acquired it from would help me move forward. I am trying to let it go, trying to keep it in perspective, but there are days when that is really hard. Hang in there and stay strong!

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