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My HSV-2 rant with Questions.....

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Hello friends, I've been in hiding for a while, but I still read and comment here almost everyday. It makes me feel better reading stories and keeping up with comments, etc.... Anyways, I decided to call my Doctor to ask and confirm some of the information I have been gathering since I tested positive for HSV-2 last October. I know many people have commented that many medical professionals are drastically out of date with current information. So when I called, my Dr was not available, so I spoke to her assistant. Let's call her Becky. Becky seemed like she had no clue what she was talking about and struggled to answer a few basic questions. She actually put me "on hold" twice so she could ask someone else to give me an answer. Some of what she said was conflicting to the information I have found/ read here. So if anyone wants to chime in.....just to make me feel better...please jump right in! First of all, my very first outbreak was very mild. Small blister, on my skin about 1/2 inch from the outside vaginally, nothing painful, no itching, no pain. I immediately went on my meds because I was sure the severe trauma and stress of my misery, anxiety and major depression would cause even more breakouts-- causing more emotional pain and misery=more outbreaks. Honestly, I've been waiting for something to appear, but nothing. Then I figured since I'm not in a relationship, why bother taking meds? I may as we'll wait for another outbreak so I will know what to expect. So, then I didn't take the meds for a while. Nothing appeared. So...here is my first question. Can asymptomatic also mean there is a long period of time between outbreaks? Versus getting outbreaks once a month, every 2 months, etc...? I guess if many years go by with no symptoms, that would mean you are basically asymptomatic? If you are taking daily suppressive therapy, then how would you know if a breakout was even coming? Also if I am HSV-2, (on suppressive medication) this means I could receive and perform oral sex with very small risk of passing it to a partner orally via his penis- or passing it vaginally to his mouth? And kissing isn't a problem, right? I've been reading the transmission rates from HSV-2 female to herpes free male, and with suppressive meds, it is very low. Hypothetically, how long before I engage in any sexual contact should I be on medication? A week, 2 weeks? Becky seemed clueless to most of these questions and then told me not to trust too much information I am getting on the internet. It made me laugh. Anyone want to comment? Thanks friends. abc123

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Becky seemed clueless to most of these questions and then told me not to trust too much information I am getting on the internet.


I'd tell her that her obvious lack of knowledge was scarier than anything you found on here.... and that perhaps the people who LIVE with this *might* just have some clue about it...especially those of us who have researched the files of the CDC, Mayo Clinic, Dr Terri Warrren of Westover Heights, Dr Hunter Handsfield, Dr Leone, and other sites and professionals that are front-runners in the Herpes field.


And I'd print out the CDC info for her too ... http://www.cdc.gov/std/herpes/STDFact-Herpes.htm ...


Now - for your questions:


Asymptomatic_ no symptoms. Asymptomatic SHEDDING is shedding without symptoms and can happen at ANY time..... you can be asymptomatic for days, weeks, months, or years. There isn't a time frame attached to it.


Supressive therapy basically works to keep the virus from replicating. If you have an OB it will come up like it always does - the symptoms will be the same.


Also if I am HSV-2, (on suppressive medication) this means I could receive and perform oral sex with very small risk of passing it to a partner orally via his penis- or passing it vaginally to his mouth?


You can receive Oral sex - odds are so low, even without meds, of transmission that I wouldn't worry about this at all


You can perform oral sex on your partner because the virus is in your genitals, not in your mouth. So kiss away too ... :)


You should wait 10 days to 2 weeks to have sex after you start on meds


And yes, the meds reduce the risk drastically - 1-2% risk on meds... less according to some studies.


Oh, and tell your nurse to get her arse on here and get educated.... SMH... :p

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Sadly even the Doctors are often poorly informed ...


This week alone we had one person on here told that Canker sores are the Herpes virus (they are NOT) and another that if she actually had herpes it would be all over her face. SMH....


I wonder how some of these doctors still have their licenses :/

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Aww thanks @abc123....we arent alone :)...yeah shocker day for me today...a set back the other day and an ob and now another one :( ....it never really hurts and is so small i had to actually point it out to a nurse today! Unbelievable how these tiny little sores can cause so much upset hey! :/.. . Here if u need support or to just rant or vent :) big hug back :) x

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@dancer.... If I am taking 500 ml of vacyclivor now, would make a difference if I was taking 1000 ml if I were in a sexual relationship?? Hypothetically speaking, let's say I knew I was going to have sex on a Saturday.... If I increased my dosage for a week before, would that make a bigger difference? And are there any stories here of anyone who has been in a relationship where the h+ person was on daily suppressive a AND using condoms AND every other precaution, and their partner eventually did get herpes anyway? Are there any statistics on this? Just some random thoughts I've been having. Thanks....abc123

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I wouldn't increase the dose without Dr's clearance. I can't make any kind of call in that area but I'm guessing they would say just stay on the suppressant dose.


The disclosure handouts give you the numbers for how much you reduce the risk by using meds and condoms ... as for the partner getting it anyway? Well, women get pregnant when on the pill and using condoms but it's VERY rare. Get my drift? the risks would be pretty similar with Herpes....not impossible, but the minuscule risk is there ;)






Disclosure e-book:





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