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Newly diagnosed with herpes - taking it quite well

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Hi all,

Thought I'd join the forum given that I was diagnosed via the blood test yesterday. I'm a strange case (maybe?) because I tested positive for the HSV1 and HSV2 strains but I have never experienced an outbreak in my life.

I know for a fact that I must have acquired this more than 6 years ago because my fiance is negative and I am positive.


Just wanted to know if there are others like me who have tested positive and have never had an outbreak (either cold sore on the mouth or down there) and what precautions (if any) need to be taken.


After researching some health suggestions, I was shocked to find peanut butter is a "no-no" food. I eat 2 tbsp a day. I eat protein supplements daily, too. Should I stop? Should I take lysine? Should I do anything differently???


My fiance is very supportive and does not care. He told me he loves me even more than before so I feel emotionally supported and I am very thankful for his open-mindedness and acceptance of me.


Thanks for letting me share my story,



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First - Hello and Welcome!


You are FAR from unusual ... 80% of people have HSV1 - 16-20% have HSV2. EIGHTY PERCENT of both groups have no idea they have it. Some may have had one small OB and never known it...most just never had a symptom. You likely got HSV1 as a child... and it doesn't matter at this point where you got HSV2. And good for you for being pretty ok with it :)


Regarding peanut butter - if you are not having OB, eat all the peanut butter you want. If you start having OB's you will have to figure out what YOUR triggers are. I eat tons of PB and chocolate and such. I went through a short spell where the two things would trigger an OB when I ate them together. So things can change, likely depending on your personal immune system and body chemistry. Should you take lysine? If you are not having OB's, I don't see any reason to go on it...but it won't hurt you if you do.


Given that your BF is H-, you may want to go on suppressants to reduce your risk of asymptomatic shedding. That is a conversation that you need to have once you get educated about the chances of him getting it and his feelings about that risk. You can find most of the info here:






Disclosure e-book:



Read all you can on here and share it with him. Get both of you educated and then you can figure out what, if any, precautions you may want to take to protect him. Do know you can go on and have children naturally (you may be put on anti-virals for the last month but they are quite safe), and your life will be quite normal as long as you keep the attitude that you have now ;)



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Thank you. I will just stick to my normal regimen then. I am wondering if I will have an outbreak, and if so, if it will be the terrible "first outbreak" I have read about online. I also read that zinc supplement can be a good option. I have decided to not use any medications but was thinking of having a prescription filled in case I get one in the future. How often do people have herpes and NEVER experience an outbreak [not even once]?! This is crazy to me. I've learned so much this week!

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Don't worry about what your first OB "might" be like.


It doesn't hurt to have Acyclovir on hand - the faster you take it, the faster you can knock it down. I hit the jackpot and got both types...started to get an oral OB 2 days ago - took a double dose of acyclovir in the morning - hit the spot with Abreva in the afternoon... by the next afternoon it was already going down. It's trying to hold on so I'm going to take another dose when I get off her and hit it with the Abreva again, but noone will know I had an OB, just looks like a chapped lip now ;)


80% of people have herpes - 80% never know they have it. Some *might* have had 1 OB as a child (oral herpes/coldsores) or a "rash" that they didn't realize was H, but many will never know until someone comes to them and says "have you been tested for H?" - or they just go get tested.

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Thank you for the feedback. So you think I should keep Acyclovir on hand but only take it if I feel an outbreak coming on? I don't know what it means to "feel" an outbreak coming on! I've had herpes for at least 6 years and never known about it! Now come to think of it I had a very light rash once and assumed it was a heat rash and it went away. But I couldn't even really see the rash when I checked with the mirror. Is it possible that this was an outbreak??? I guess I'm just so confused about the "how-to" of preparation but don't know where to begin. I'm hesitant to even take anything other than l-lysine (sp?) because I'm afraid of doing whatever i've done to keep an outbreak at bay!!!! lol

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Yes it's possible that was an OB - many get a peculiar "tingling", others get swollen glands, flu symptoms, whatever. I would get a *small* prescription (enough to get you through a long weekend) to keep on hand... and don't change anything because what you are doing is working...but you never know exactly what may tip it off.


Otherwise, stop worrying about what "might" happen.... its a waste of time and energy :)

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You have been really helpful and I appreciate it! Just one question - If I get an OB and it is mild or minor, should I even bother to take meds or just let it heal naturally?


Also, why is it that some people do get outbreaks and others do not? My mother recently disclosed to me that she also has been diagnosed with HSV2, had one outbreak, and never got it since (this was about 13 years ago). Why is it that some people have them over and over and others do not?


Thank you.

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I just went back and refreshed my memory about your story and I just realized that you have a BF - so I would say you need to talk to him about his feelings about how much risk he is willing to take regarding acquiring H from you..... some are very chill and don't care, some really would rather not get it if they can avoid it. You need to both look at the facts and then figure out whether you should go on daily supressive therapy (that cuts his risk from about 5 to 2% chance of getting H), if you want to use condoms (that cuts the risk by 50%... so with Supressive meds makes it 1% chance) or if he's not concerned ... in which case I would take them any time you have an OB and abstain from sex for 4-5 days after an OB clears before having sex again to be sure it's cleared up. The thing is, you never know how his body will react if he gets it so I for one try to protect my partner as much as I can whatever they feel about it....especially early in the relationships and/or diagnosis until you get to know how your body works with H.


Why do some get them and some don't? That is the $6million question... it seems to be a combination of stress, diet, sexual practices (rough sex can be a trigger for some), sex (women have more lovely warm, moist, thin skinned areas that make it easy for the virus to pop up), hormones, age, and very possibly genetics (which may explain why your mom also have 1 OB then it went dormant.) ;)

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Thanks for your reply. I've been with him for 5+ years and we are engaged. We used to engage frequently in unprotected sex and he is going to test but I don't think it will be much of a factor because we plan to get married soon and plan for a baby. I guess the only factor will be whether or not I use antiviral medication, but he is not a fan of using unnecessary meds given I've never had an outbreak. From our discussions, he seems to be unconcerned because he doesn't want to be with anyone else even though I am positive, and doesn't feel that it has changed anything (given that I have been positive for more than 5 years). Interesting point about genetics... I did read that people who have had HSV1 prior to acquiring HSV2 seem to do better in suppressing it, and I wonder if that is why I haven't really experienced one at this point. Thanks!

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