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Do peanuts trigger herpes outbreaks?

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Does eating a lot of peanuts help trigger herpes outbreaks? I consumed quite a few peanuts this past week ,in the form of crunchy peanut butter, and I broke out like there was no tomorrow. Mind you I haven't had a breakout in months. I was just wondering about the correlation or was it just coincidence.

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Hi JasonK


Well, given the timing and the fact that you have not had an OB, then there's a good chance that they are your cause. It varies from one person to another, AND it can change over time. I had about 2 years where if I ate Chocolate and PB I would break out... now I eat both by the ton and the only thing that breaks out is my scales ;)


Try taking L-Lysine - 1000mg/day - it may just be that your Arginine/Lysine balance is off (arginine is found in nuts...)



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Ok @wcsdancer - I was reading about arginine being a stimulus for outbreaks- the 2 weeks prior to my outbreak I had been eating apples and peanut butter everyday for lunch (this was not something I had done in the past - pb&j sandwich occasionally but I are a large amount of peanut butter in those couple weeks) Got on a kick. Anyway. Also with Easter and my affinity for candy - I had a good amount of chocolate - I wonder if that may have a stirred things up per se. Again I don't know when I got this but I wonder if I may have carried this a while longer than a couple weeks before the outbreak--


Doesn't affect things as they stand now. But information is always welcome. And now i know that maybe peanut butter is something I should steer clear of- anyone else have that connection?

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Peanut butter is one of the main staples of my diet and it doesn't effect my OBs in any way, thankfully... every person and their body are different. It's sort of a trial-and-error process to figure out what your personal triggers are.

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i get OB with every kind of nut , so if you didnt had OB for several month you probaly have the same issue as i do with nuts.If you are not sure if this was the trigger try again to eat peanutbutter if your body get the same reaction then put them out of your diat list .Sorry i am european and i never understoud why you americans eat that, dont taste so nice for me :)...but i know it belong to american culture ...i guess you dont like a lot of things european eating neither.

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