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Had unprotected sex, not sure if I have herpes - feeling really guilty

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I'm feeling really shitty right now. I had unprotected sex with a guy yesterday, didn't tell him that I *maybe* have herpes. I'm still not sure because if I have it. It's itchy and bumpy almost all the time, but my IgM and Igg tests were both negative after 3 months+1 week. I'm going to ask for a blood test again in 2 weeks (fingers crossed that my doctor will let me take it). By then it will have been almost 5 months. Anyway, I didn't remove my underwear because all my itching and bumps have been on my mons pubis. I have no idea what I'm going to do if I infected him. I know that I screwed up badly and I should have told him about my possible H, and now I just wanna crawl into a cave and stay there forever..

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Oh dear @kathy.....


Yeah - it would have been better to tell him... and the only way to clean it up is to tell him...but the "good" thing is that you are still a "maybe" because of the tests.... and given where you say you have it, well, it *is* very possible you have some kind of rash/reaction to something else going on..... if you don't tell him you will have to live with the guilt of "what if" ... so just get out there and tell him that you are being retested one last time and you will let him know the results...


However, I have to say...


UNPROTECTED SEX??? With "a guy"... (which I assume then was a hook-up, not a BF). SMH.....Have you not learned your lesson Chica??? Whether you have H or not, you have to protect YOU and you don't know what HE has!!!!! (And don't rely on a guy telling you the truth in the heat of the moment :( ). You could get something FAR worse that Herpes .... or if you don't have it, well, do you want to go through all this agony AGAIN in the future of wondering if you have it?


You should feel as "guilty" about not protecting YOU as you are feeling about not protecting him..... Herpes (whether you have it or not) was sent to you to give you a shaking that you need to look out after YOU when you have sex. I would start carrying the FC2 Female condom (because a lot of guys HATE condoms and older guys and condoms just don't do well because of the fact that erectile dysfunction becomes a part of life for many) .... you both get plenty of stimulation but you are at least somewhat protected (HSV and HPV can still get contracted ... condoms cut risk by 50%) and at least then you are cutting YOUR risk of HIV and the other std's considerably.

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