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Self-diagnosed but pretty sure I have herpes. Worried

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Hi, I'm only 18 and about to graduate. I'm just now playing soccer after a torn ACL and finally have had my depression and anxiety under control so this is pretty upsetting. I've made some stupid mistakes, which I'm afraid will now affect the rest of my life. Anyway, I have a few questions specific to my case which my be kind of graphic...I have all the symptoms of herpes and am being tested tomorrow. I haven't had vaginal sex in 7 months, and I wouldn't be surprised at all if the boy had something as girls came out of the woodworks when we broke up. A week ago, I gave oral sex to a guy, but did not receive. However, I think his "privates" brushed against mine briefly. About 4 days ago, I had mutual oral sex with a different guy, but he didn't have any cold sores. Also, my symptoms are SO painful, so I'm wondering if HSV1 is less painful down there than HSV2? I just don't understand how I can have such bad symptoms if I only have had oral sex lately. Could the guy from 7 months ago given me herpes and I just now, this week, have my first OB? Confused as to how I have this! It began as one bump under my skin and i was itchy and red last Friday. The next day, it was more uncomfortable, and that night i found little ulcer-like sores all over which hurt badly. Today they have spread and hurt even worse. The OB is so incredibly painful. I havent worn underwear yet, and have been laying down. It takes all I can not to scream when I pee! Pouring a cup of water simultaneously helps, and I have bought lysine and zinc tablets in hopes that it makes me feel better. I don't think I can run during my 2 soccer games this week, and our state playoffs are a week from Friday. As you can tell, soccer is my life right now as I haven't played for so long and I've been excelling at it. It will KILL me if I can't play, as I only have 3 games left to play in my whole life. Anyway, I'm so thankful for this site, and it is truly amazing how many people have the virus. I'm sure it's all around me, but never talked about.

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I had my first outbreak in October and I am still coming to terms with it, but I can promise you the first outbreak is the worst and I have only had once since. I take Lysine vitamins about everyday, so I honestly think that helps a lot! When I had an outbreak the second time I took a bunch like 3 a day & it went away. The first outbreak I had, I knew going into the doctors office.... and I was a mess. I'm in college and a long way from home so I didn't want to tell any of my roommates just in case word got out, it's really no ones business but your own but it can make you feel alone, so I have best friends I can talk to about it with.

Back to the point, my outbreak came days after I had sex with a guy but thats not always the case. My best friend has it, before I got it and she gave it to a guy before she knew she had it and when she found out she told him. He didn't show any signs when he got tested immediately after and it came back negative, but 6 months later he got it, so that might be the case. I'm not a doctor though & they can diagnose you right away if you have visible sore, but you will get tested with what type you have.

Helpful hints for dealing with the pain though....

Cotton underwear...

Not tight pants as much as possible...

I would get a cream it helps...

try not to itch the soars, I know that is very difficult..

#1 VERY helpful take a BATH ... it helps with the peeing SO Much

I didn't believe this one at first but I tried it and it worked!


The doctor will probably subscribe Valtrex, it will help but I have found the lysine to help so much better! I think you will be fine in a week but I would get a doctors not for your coach, even though I know it sucks. If you need someone young to talk to, I am here & I am only 19, turning 20.

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First - Welcome. You have found a great place to get support and information.


So I'm a veteran on Herpes - got it at 17 (actually had HSV1 oral as a child.... fyi, 60% of young people have Oral HSV1 by the time they are your age) and I've had a pretty "normal" life. Trust me, while it will be an inconvenience at times, there are FAR worse things that will happen to you in your life.


I'd guess you have HSV1 from the recent oral sex... but the swab will help you to figure it out .. if you have HSV2 it could well be the guy from 7 months ago - it's very unlikely you got it from the guy whose genitals brushed against you. In the end it really doesn't matter where you got it really. It's more important how you act now ... ;)


@Sweetielu5 had some great ideas to help you - try adding handfuls of Epsom salts dumped between your legs in the bathtub - that helps to dry it out. Then pee right before you get out so the area isn't irritated again. My "secret weapon" is Ammonium Alum but it's hard to find... you can likely get it online though - its a powder that is used for canning and such.... a pharmacist turned my mother onto it for me when I was a kid because I had such horrid OB's on my chin and it dries it right up. I just put it straight onto the sores ... You can also make a solution and wash the area with it. It's really effective for me....and get the Dr to get you on the antivirals. That can help a lot too.


As for your soccer...yes, you *may* not get to play...and I know that will be really disappointing, but in the grand scheme of your life, it won't be a big deal... sucks right now but you have so much of life ahead of you ... don't let it drag you down...you have College and so many adventures to experience. It's life - sometimes it doesn't go how you want it to. ;)



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I started showing signs of an outbreak on a Friday, went to the ER the next day, then my doctor on Monday where she immediately diagnosed me based on the physical outbreak. I started doing Epsom salt baths the next day and I also had Valtrax so definitely ask you doctor for a prescription if you are indeed diagnosed. I think the combo of the internal and external treatment really helps to clear things up quicker.


I would assume you were given herpes from the oral sex a few days ago. Some people can carry it around for a few months, even years, without a sign but generally there is an initial outbreak that occurs anywhere from 2 or 3 days to a week after first contracting it. For most people the initial outbreak is much like the one you seem to be having, but some people get a few bumps or a razor burn like rash. Your doctor will do a swab of the sores as well as a blood test. If it shows up in your blood then you would have been H+ for about 3-4 months and you could assume that the person you slept with about 7 months ago was your giver. If nothing shows up in your blood then it would be assumed that it was from the recent oral sex.

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