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Life never fails to amaze me

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Since my diagnosis I have told few people, aside from you lovely folks here. I've told my mom and my best friend, as well as the guy involved in this situation with me. Both have been nothing but supportive. A week or so ago my friend told me that because of me talking to her about my diagnosis and her knowing the situation of how I ended up here she decided to get tested. Turns out she has chlamydia. No physical symptoms. She thinks she got it about a month ago. Now, I'm sure all of you know that while chlamydia is curable, it also has the potential to do a lot of damage if left untreated. She actually thanked me for being so open with about my diagnosis. She said because she knew about this happening to me because someone failed to disclose their status that she decided to get tested since she had slept with a few people during her separation. It feels really good to know that we have the power to inspire, if you will, people who may not know about their statuses. We have the power to break this cycle.

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I'm so, so touched reading this. And proud. :) Thank you for sharing and I'm glad that your courage is already having such positive ripple effects. Big hugs to you! Sparkle on! ;)

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I keep saying this time and again - One conversation can make all the difference... to you, or to someone else. If each of us who has H had just ONE conversation like this, image the change we could bring to the reality of STD's for others :)


Props to you chica .... maybe you can suggest that she share her story with one person...pay it forward....


(((HUGS))) to you :)


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I love your post chica...its the butterly effect :-) . You opened your wings and a couple of flutters has let you fly and has touched someone else...and will continue to in ways you won't even know.


Yes it's paying forward...paying forward courage, honesty, compassion, truth and love. Keep being open and giving to others...its how life is meant to be lived and its only our fear that stops us.


I'm sending hugs too :-) xx

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