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Life goes on after herpes

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I'm trying to get back to a "normal" dating life and I hope you can help me with these questions:

I read somewhere, it was most contagious in the first three , or 6 months (42% asymptomatic shedding) and then 20% since I have symptoms.


If I get on suppressive therapy for the next year, that goes down to 10%, and with condoms a 5%.


Since my first outbreak/symptoms, when I'm not on meds, I'm in a prodrome... all the time. ALL the time. Constant lower back pain, and genital burning... It might stop for a couple of hours or and then back on..


Does it basically mean, I will be highly contagious for the next 6 months to a year? And might as well avoid sex with any H- person?


Oh and I don't get any visible blisters or ulcers...


Also are there any long term dangers to being on meds?


Why such a hurry? I'm trying to roll with the punches and not let this HSV2 stop me from living.



- Somewhat considering becoming a monk, that or buying a human size condom.

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Somewhat considering becoming a monk, that or buying a human size condom


LOL - we've ALL had those days....maybe wrap yourself in Saran Wrap ... I'll bet there's some gal out there with a really kinky side that would be into that...LOL


I don't know what to tell you about the constant prodrome ...except that *maybe* it's H's way to get you to slow down and really get to know the woman first... not that you can't get frisky, but maybe get to know her in *other* ways (ie, you will have one happy lady because you will learn all kinds of ways that work for HER ... and as they say... Happy Wife, Happy Life...lol).... Seriously tho, I would be very careful for now, and if you find someone, work on other ways to be intimate.... AND, once you get to feeling like you may be ok to play, try the FC2 Female Condom ... supposedly it doesn't cause any loss of sensation for either partner (bonus for you guys), and in fact may cause heightened sensitivity because of the rings AND it covers more of the female bits. That, and some creativity (maybe crotchless panties, etc) may tide you over until you're H hits a dormant spell...


Remember... where there's a will, there's a way ;)

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You should talk to the folks who made Naked Gun...they know where you can get the custom sized condom made for 160# dicks. They're rare, but can be purchased for a price. I guarantee, you put one of those in your wallet and all the girls will come. Better than a golden ticket...


In lieu of that, you could always try suppressive therapy. There really aren't any dangers with long term usage of Acyclovir or Valtrex. Just follow the instructions and take them as your doctor suggests.


As far as being "contagious" you need to stop looking at yourself as a walking disease. We're all contagious, whether it's because of herpes or the common cold. You get into bed with someone, you get into bed with everything that's in their body, too.

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