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Swimming, chlorine and ouch!!

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I have started swimming in a chlorinated pool (the private one I used to go to had hardly any chlorine, but closed : (). Ouch! My buttock lesion has come back and hurts like mad! Any creams recommended? Really don't want to go on the antiviral pills. Does this mean no more swimming? ; ((

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Try some aloe or lemon balm. I've used both and they work wonders.


No more swimming? I wouldn't say so. I've never heard of chlorine being a trigger. The sun, that's another story. Some people get a little too much solar time and it triggers OB's. If you want to find out if it triggers it for you, try going to an indoor pool and see what happens. If you get an OB afterwards, you'll know.

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Hi Rene,

did you went for swimming outside in the sun or inside the pool? I dont think that chlor give you any syptoms but the sun do for sure. I do like to go for beach or the moutains in spain and i really often realize that sun bring prodromal symptoms. Heat and sweating is something what can accure outbreaks. Herpes like the heat, Herpes like the sun but dont worry about it , dont stop living and do what you like to do. I am german, I live in spain because my cronical disease ( crohn didese )is much better in warm place. I always realice that heat infect my Herpes but it dont stop me of living my live. Go for the pool if you like, go for hiking if you like....dont let Herpes to be the owner of your Body.Sorry my gramatic corrector dont work on my PC at Moment , so i guess the most i wrote is carp english...sorrry for that.anyway .eat healthy , do some sport, go for a pool swim, do everything you like..The pool dont bring any OB.enjoy your pool day darling

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