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Yes, I'll have a Fajita with a Side of Herpes, Please.

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Ever have one of those FML moments? Well, sit right back and I'll tell you a li'l story about last night.


I got a call about 5 last night. My uncle was in town and wanted to go have dinner. Sounds good. Haven't seen him in a while, and well, our family has kind of scattered to the winds so it's nice when we can get together and enjoy each other's company. We've always been a close family, and my uncle a surrogate dad for me since my own dad left when I was a teenager.


Well, my mom (who knows), uncle, cousin, his fiance, and my 5-year old autistic nephew all go out to a popular Mexican restaurant to eat. Sounds great, right?


We're talking and laughing, discussing our lives, things we've done, and things we're doing. We haven't all been in the same room for about 2 years now. So, when it's my turn I tell everyone that I'm ghostwriting some books, and writing my own book on people who are living happy and fulfilling lives with herpes. I also tell them that I've adopted my grandfather and grandmother's corporate identity that has been dormant since they both passed; my grandmother would love it as she was a nurse, and my grandfather would approve because well, we were best friends and he always supported my business ventures.


My mom's face was priceless. A sense of pride mixed with a tinge of concern visible in her eyes, but nonetheless she wanted to see where the discussion would go.


My uncle had lots of questions and was shocked at the facts and stats. My cousin and his fiance (32 and 30 years old, respectively) were equally shocked. Of course, the conversation came around as to "Why would you be interested in that topic?"


This is where it got interesting...and in a crowded restaurant surrounded by both family and strangers, I basically disclosed. I said, well, I had an experience recently and right now I'm waiting for final confirmation as to whether I have HSV1, HSV2, or both. My mom and uncle both chimed in that they both had cold sores; my uncle had never realized they were because of HSV1; he's a very smart man, but admitted he'd never given it any thought.


Now, my cousin who I've been through a lot with over the years was taken aback. He knows me and we are practically brothers. He knows how careful I've always been, and how chaste I've always been. I also know how promiscuous he's been ( I got a lot of "Oh my God! calls from him over the years ranging from "Oh my God, you should have seen this woman," to "Oh my God, I'm gonna be a father." He's never been tested, nor has his fiance; their STD talk was 7 years ago and didn't include herpes. It was interesting because he and his fiance are not judgemental people, but I could feel them judging me for a few moments with their questions and their comments. Y'all would have been impressed with how I handled it, how I diffused them, and how I convinced them both to go get tested when I said "80% of people never have symptoms."


Then, there's my blind, autistic nephew, Mr. Comic Relief himself. He doesn't talk much, but when he does, he talks loudly, and repeats some of the most random things he can think of....and, at the top of his lungs, in a crowded Mexican restaurant, you could have heard a pin drop as he shouted "Uncle Monkey has herpes!"


And, while I tried not to laugh, I couldn't resist and busted out in a belly laugh that would make St. Nick proud. I gave him a hug, and said "Yes, yes I do, and that's ok, because I'm still your Uncle Monkey."


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Herry... I know we discussed this a week or so ago - that doing the books would effectively "out" you in the end ... and you said you were not sure if you were ready for that. I am SOOOOO proud of you!!!! Not only are you free now, you have educated 4 more people about the REALITY of Herpes ... your cousin and his Fiancee got a wake-up call and your Uncle now knows he's part of the club too .... and isn't that a beautiful thing????


AND... YOU.ARE.FREE! It's soooo empowering to be able to just sit in the open and talk about it and not worry about what you told to who and who may figure out your "dirty little secret" from the conversation. AND, you are now living proof that we CAN be open about it and be ACCEPTED by those who matter to us most ....


*Doing the Happy Dance over here*



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Tooooo funny!

I find myself almost , or fully disclosing to alot of people of how i may or may not havr hsv2, because someone usually has some stupid joke about herpes, then i chime in with "well... did you know..."

Though ive never had a convo as commical as yours..

Right arm herry... right arm

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Have you seen the "Closet" posts on here??? There are some great conversations about how us "keeping this our (for some, dirty) secret" is in essence, putting ourselves in a closet ... it's a great topic and something I hope everyone will read and chew on ... even disclosing to a couple friends (if not to the whole world like me and a few others on here) is a HUGE start ... the 2 benefits are you either find out that your friends love you no matter what, or your "friends" are really jerks that you don't need around you (simplified version, but you get my drift) ... AND the VAST majority for most people will be in the former group. You will find that, like Herry, they may initially be shocked, draw back, or not know what to say. But we can quickly educate them to realize that H is common as dirt and it's just a nuisance skin condition ... AND, they are likely very poorly informed about how to either avoid getting it or that they have likely not been tested for it. And it is here that we can do a world of good for those we love: by educating them we can help to keep them from going through the angst and upset that many have on here.


Check out these links.... It's a beautiful thing that this board is helping people to "come out" and be proud of who we are, even with our little viral friend ;)


http://herpeslife.com/closets-are-hangers/#more-2265 Carlos



http://www.upworthy.com/a-4-year-old-girl-asked-a-lesbian-if-shes-a-boy-she-responded-the-awesomest-way-possible Ash Beckhams Closet Ted Talk



Kirsty Spraggon Ted Talk “You are only as Sick as Your Secrets


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Hi Henrytheherp,

well done , well done :):) Great that you had been that open to your family ,even I probably would never have my talk with family in a Mexican restaurant but actually this situation sound quit funny uncle monkey :) .Cant wait to see how your book will be, cant imagine at moment what you will make out of our answers but I hope you will educate people and make it bit funny entertaining too. Sometimes is good to laugh herpes in the face.You seem to be a good person.wish you a great day

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