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Daily Antiviral Therapy for Herpes. Does it work for you?

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Hi All - I'm new to the forum. I was diagnosed with HSV2 a year ago, and have been on Valtrex daily since then. I have not had an outbreak since my initial, but I think I might have a sore now. I can't tell if its a cut or sore, since it is not in the spot of my breakout the first time. I am going to the doc tomorrow to confirm, but I was also curious how well the drugs have worked for you. Please share:)

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Beautifully..... I have been on Valcyclovir as well for three years now and never have a ob when on them. More than likely it's not an ob, though it does happen even on the meds. I have given this advice before, and have read on here that others have followed suit and it works better for them. Split your Valtrex in half. Take half in the morning and half at night. That way the drug levels in your system are always on an even keel and you are even less likely to have an ob or prodrome. I used to hate taking the meds. Until I read somewhere that it dismantles the coating on the virus. So every time I take it now I imagine it ripping the skin off the virus. Which, I have to say, is an image I rather enjoy. Just my take on it. And if you're really worried about this being an ob, @Dancer has posted some awesome tips on how to get it to disappear asap. I always use a blowdryer. Free, readily available, and it really works. Dry thoroughly post shower and even post bathroom use if the ob is bad.


Hope this helps and best of luck to you....

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usually people get less or no OB at all with Valtrex but I still do even I take 500 mg a day. It always deepens on your immune system, it could be a sore or not.

It wouldn't be unusual if you got an OB even with Valtrex.

I need to take Valtrex daily because my live is a mess without it but if you don't get to much OB and you not in relationship I would not take it .

See how your body works without it and if you do get directly an OB , you go back on medication again.


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Thank you @judith, @hope42morrow and @WCSDancer2010 -- According to my doc, I am outbreak free going on 1 year now! I take 500 mgs a day, but will try splitting it so it levels out. Thank you all for the advice. I will continue to try to stay healthy and well rested so my immune system is strong, and take all the necessary precautions.

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I'm on Valtrex. As soon as I started splitting mine in half I stopped getting outbreaks.. before I was all over the place and felt like I had an outbreak constantly, I had been on then for 6 months and still... no difference!. I was really stressed out for a while so I took a vacation and started splitting them in half after seeing someone on here mentioning it.. And it worked! I havnt had an outbreak since. If I notice anything questionable I will double up for a day or two. so I'm hoping to get to that 6 month mark then I can stop taking it. but I'm almost tempted to just continue it. but it is pricey. When I was taking the whole pill once a day it made me so thirsty and I HATED being on it (especially since I wasn't noticing any progress) Anyways, now that I only take half twice a day I don't notice any side effects so I wouldn't mind staying on it.

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I was on suppressive for a year abouts...just recently stopped...if I had an ob it was super small and only ever looked like the beginning of one...I made it a nice couple of months with nothing happening but recent stress brought on a lovely little dance with mah herp a derp. I will say though that between going on suppressive therapy right away and having given my body time to build up antibodies and doing a good job on staying stress free this OB is nothin! Woo!!!!!!!!

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Hello! Male here with 12 years under my belt living with HSV2. I have tried EVERYTHING: all the fad remedies both homeopathic and chemical. They all work... temporarily. This is the stone-cold truth, HSV will forever be hiding in your nervous system, mostly choosing to stay dormant. The sooner you make peace with that--the virus residing in your body till death do you part--the better off you will be mentally, spiritually and physically.


In early 2002, soon after my 30th birthday, I was given the news that I had contracted HSV2. It was pretty clear as I had a no nonsense outbreak below the waist. The culture test results came back "Winner For Life!"


During the first year, I took Valtrex at the sign of an outbreak for 2 weeks. During my second year, the outbreaks diminished by a whole lot; and if I saw ONE skin infection every year after that, that was a lot. But that wasn't good enough, so I got on the homeopathic wagon, indulging in a daily cocktail of Lysine, Astragalus and Olive Leaf extract. I even took on Yoga and self-help literature to minimize the paranoia. I also chose to abstain from sexual relations due to fear of transmission.


What I soon discovered was that in my efforts to remain OB-free, I was nurturing an underlying fear and the illusion of worthlessness. Isolation felt right. But then Love came a'knocking and I was forced to open up and disclose. In an effort to "protect" my lover from my "disease" I tossed the homeopathic stuff away and began taking Valtrex daily; which also kept me OB-free for long stretches of time.


The instructions detailed above were repeated, deconstructed and revised several times throughout the years. One day I decided to stop the Valtrex regimen and return to Nature. And the virus reactivated with a vengeance. Although the OBs have never been as severe as the initial ones, they began to recur often. It's as if I had created a PRESSURE COOKER by way of herbs, amino acid overload, and Valtrex. I'm 12 years into this and clearly see that Herpes is an elusive little fucker; it flares up at the most unusual times and for no apparent reason, or it activates when anxiety is at peak potential. It hibernates for years, then it rears its little head in Spring when it's time to get sexy for the Summer. (keyword: Sexy)


I've learned that the more I fought the virus, the feistier it got. Imagine trying to drown it, or keep it in a tightly sealed closet where you don't have to see or acknowledge it, and you can pretend that "it" doesn't exist. IT... this disgusting thing that only promiscuous people get. (keyword: Promiscuous)


Often, I'd convince myself that I should remain on Valtrex for the sake of the person I was dating; after all, they're risking it by being with damaged goods Me. But then I learned that by having genital herpes, the risk of contracting HIV doubled, maybe even tripled for me. I'm a gay man living in NYC: the STI Mecca, The Herpes Metropolis... Yet all my concern was for the guy dating me? As if he were an untainted baby I needed to protect.




The moral of the story is, learn to accept, by whatever means possible, that HSV is a part of you now and that no amount of pills will ever change that. If you're the type who experiences OBs regularly, by all means use the available remedies to MOVE THROUGH THE DISCOMFORT, and steer clear from the false hope that HSV will be magically, surgically removed.


If you're sexually active, PROTECT YOURSELF FIRST, then the other fellow. Ask your potential sex partner before jumping in the sack about their sexual history: how often do they get tested for STIs and have they ever gotten tested for HSV. Said test must be requested; STI clinics do not include it in the panel. STI clinics don't bother testing for herpes because it's so prevalent; they assume that if you're having sex and have never experienced an OB, you're an asymptomatic carrier.


Lastly, embrace EDUCATION for it will be the only thing that will keep you sane. Stupidity is a luxury WE can no longer afford. Learn everything you can about this virus and then TEACH OTHERS. Sharing your experience, strength and hope with the newcomers will be soothing to your psyche.


I'm experiencing an itchy bump as I type this. Am I feeling freaked out about it? Am I feeling like I'm undatable? Am I anxiously reading the latest Herpes news seeking vaccine info? The answer is YES. (keywords: feeling, anxiously)


The stigma remains a part of me just as the virus remains inside of me. But MY BEHAVIOR is totally different now. Feelings are not FACT. So instead of throwing a pity party all by myself, I log on here to read about the newcomers and to share my experience, hoping that this very long post will help that person in need before boring them to death.


Much love to you.

Peace will come.


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@carlos that was beautifully written and hit home. I felt, and still feel, like I'm undatable. I feel like I'm "in the closet" hiding a secret that people will never understand (I read that in another post and thought they hit it right on the head). In reality that is not the case. There is nothing we should be ashamed of. What is really positive is finding out that there are people like us out there. A lot of them from all walks of life!! EVERYWHERE. HSV could very easily happen to anyone. I had mentioned in another post that the doctor I went to this week also has herpes. I felt relieved in some way! She told me her story and we were able to share how we felt. I felt a little more human again.


Slowly and surely I am becoming more accepting of this. Being single, at 27 when all my friends are getting married, it just makes dating a little more complicated than what it already is. There are positives to this too. I take my time to get to know someone on a deeper level. I'm actually more selective than I ever was, and have stepped away from relying on my looks or first impression. It has made me mature in the best way possible, so there is a silver lining. The only thing I miss is just having that care-free attitude when I just want a casual experience...but its something we have to own up to. It could be worse, right?


Take care.

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I made a rule now for me, if I were to do a one-night stand/casual sex, I'd request STI papers from the girl or nothing is going to happen. Need to protect myself.

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You want to understand the "closet" reference, we have a couple great blogs (including one by @Carlos!) and links about this exact subject which may help you.


And I'll add a couple links about a few who still have had a causal encounter WITH H. Yes, it makes it a little more difficult and perhaps you have to be a little more careful and choosy than you have been, but that's not a bad thing, eh?





http://herpeslife.com/herpes-forum/discussion/2056/semi-success-i-dont-know-just-read-it-#Item_19 Casual Sex Successful Disclosure


http://herpeslife.com/herpes-forum/discussion/3271/first-disclosure-was-a-success-i-can-breathe-now- Rogue1313 (casual friend)




http://www.upworthy.com/a-4-year-old-girl-asked-a-lesbian-if-shes-a-boy-she-responded-the-awesomest-way-possible Ash Beckhams Closet Ted Talk


http://herpeslife.com/closets-are-hangers/#more-2265 Carlos

Kirsty Spraggon Ted Talk “You are only as Sick as Your Secrets
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