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wondering if I'll have a herpes outbreak due to tanning

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I tan alot... i dont feel pretty if im not tan.. i really have alot of trouble dealing with it.. alot of ppl dnt understand an addiction to a tanning bed but its real and its like any other... but since my first ob which was horrible i havent been to the tanning bed and im loosin all my tan and its killin me.. i kno this sounds silly to some but in my mind its very important... can u tan if your h+ ...a trip to the tannin bed would make me feel alotttttt better ?!?!

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You and George Hamilton.


Ok, big brother mode. I can't tell you not to get tan. I get it. I tan in the sun every summer, but tanning beds? Not healthy, and skin cancer is a lot worse skin condition to get.


Go outside, lay in the sun, do it the natural way. Your body will love the vitamin D it soaks up. Make sure to use sunscreen. I'd say gradually ease back into tanning just to be on the uber safe side.


Will your tanning cause an OB? It can in some people, and the only way to find out is to get a book, put on that bikini, and go lay by the pool for a little bit. Drink plenty of water, and if the guy from 4B walks by and smiles, smile back.


That first ob is usually the worst, so don't expect to go through that again. It's not common for them to stay the same or get worse.

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Omg herry i love ya haha.. thats the first time ive laughed in a while lol... yes i kno tannin beds r bad but its my little serenity spot.. i used to lay everyday for like 30 mins a time which was awful and i dnt do tht anymore.. i jus like goin a couple times a week maybe 3... but i read somewhere sunlight may trigger ob and im terrified of another... and i hate to get super personal but i have always shaved down there... and since my ob i havent and its really aggravating and embarassin its like a dang rainforest... lol and id love to put my bikini on and lay next to the pool but i cant lookin like tht down there lol...

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There are TONS of conversations on tanning here - check out the FAQ section and use the search button so you can get everyone's experiences, but for the most part you should be ok ... Like @Sparks said, it's more of an issue with Oral herpes and even then it's not guaranteed to cause a problem - you just have to see if it's a trigger for YOU ;)

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