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Who wants to compare herpes symptoms? lol I need some advice on mine

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Hey fellow h buddies !!! Guys and girls are welcomed on this discussion . I just want to see if we can help each other more then our PC can. Let me start with my story . 3 months ago I started seeing 2 guys , an ex and a newbie . Hard to say who might have given who ( and with my symptoms maybe I've had it for a while unknowingly ) but anywhoo allot of sex. And lies between us all , we ended it . Well I did I felt used and abused and left without looking back till my obgyn a month later . I was getting a check up on my lady parts , all which looked good she said and I left feeling great . So a month goes by and I didn't hear from her but I wasn't worried cause typically if your clean she doesn't call just sends your stats in the mail. I brushed it off . So when I got my letter in the mail I was happy to have my clean bill of health but unfortunately It was a letter saying she couldn't get threw my cell and to call her for results . Well I almost died. So I called ASAP. To only hear that she was on a business trip and won't be back for 3 more days . What hell. So soon after my stomach was in knots for days . My ex constantly texted me about being pregnant cause supposedly he got another girl prego during our lil rekindling . (Again why I can't really blame anyone right now) we were all being fresh lol but still I felt swollen in my abdominal so I got a test and was fine . With all that going on maybe I triggered my ob. So the pain turned into what I thought was a uti and I was waiting for her to call me back to tell her to fill me a script for uti meds but when she called she said well everything is negative but hsv2 . I was devastated. I had no sores down there and I was confused and asked ok what do I do know. She said well I think your asymptomatic so if you feel any tingles refrain from sex but other than that your ok. That's it . She also said it just showed I was exposed but not showing symptoms so that's good . Well my life came crashing down . Am through all my depression that I've battled in medicated (unless you count cannabis) and all my struggles that I've turned into sunshine recently came crashing down . I just came back from vacation , the man of my dreams is in my life and I have hsv2 . 2 days later of extensive research from symptoms to wanna be cures to false positives , to what tests are good or bad , to all these forums everything . I called back asking for the name of my test and my titer . She told me it was herpesselect eia igg blood test and I tested a 5 . So it really dawned on me that it was true and there was no mistake , that night I started feeling symptoms . Tingles itchys . So I called for meds . After I started them I felt the rest of the symptoms weakness , body aches ( which I allways have anyways since I'm on my feet all day) swollen lymph nodes . Everything . A slight burn when I pee and tiny white bumps ( but I've had those for as long as I could remember they never showed up bad at my gyno exam so I assumed I was fine) and they don't hurt or itch , I popped one to see if it would turn into a scab but nope it looked like a little white stuff came out and that was it. A lil sore for a day but then nothing . I think I may have irritated myself down there for the constant looking and touching but I couldn't help but feel uncomfortable Inside not on my vagina , no discharge really but in the beginning it looked like a yeast infection but that went away . It's been 8 days that I've been on the meds and a a little over a week that I am realizing the real ness of disease. Again my symptoms are mild and I pray to god everyday for that , I also take a multivitamin and vita c. It helped with my drowsiness . But I can't sleep thru the night. I wake up every 2 -3 hours with crazy dreams and in some of them it has to do with my h. Does this sound familiar to anyone ?????

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Oh u were lucky with ur first ob... mine was extreme and i felt like doin myself in jus to stop the pain... i kept gettin yeast infections and utis .. thought it was bcuz of me comin off birthcontrol and havin lots of sex lol ( tryin to have a baby) but the pain down there was more than i cld bear so i went to my gyno with my ma as i cld barely walk and every movement i made was sooooo painful.. so my mom actually had to hold me down for my dr to take swabs of my urethra and vagina... i screamed and cried oh boy it hurt like crazy.. my symptoms were severe swellin burning itchin little bumps that looked like razor bumps hurt wen i peed even my butt hurt and ive never done anal lol i cldnt wipe if i peed i jus patted myself with toilet paper.. i cld barely walk without the help of my mother cuz the pain and i was really dizzy and almost passed out everytime i stood or walked.. i cldnt sit or lay on my side i cldnt put my legs together or wear panties or shorts.. the only comfortable way i cld lay was flat on my back spread eagle with ice down there constantly my poor vagina was like antartica for a long time. i wore a nightgown for a week until i healed a little. I barely ate barely drank and cried all the time.. this lasted a week and a few days.. im better now and back at my house with my man. ( stayed at my moms wmso she cld take care of me for a week until i cld move without help) but its been almost 2 weeks and now all i have is slight itchin occasionally and still aggravates me to wear panties which i think is because i havent shaved down there cuz my ob and its drivin me nuts. My bumps/lesions are completely healed and thank gosh the pain is gone.. i dnt believe i cld handle tht again but i had a severe yeast infection chylamadia and herpes all at once so i say mine was worst than most cuz i had all this other stuff.. which im on medicine to get rid of chylamadia and im almost finished takin my 10 day herpes med and definetly plan on goin on suppresive meds... my yeast infection is gone and i feel better ... havent smoked in 2 weeks havent drank soda or tea ( and bein a redneck girl sweet tea is my alcohol i flippin need it) lol so doin without tea is a biggy fer me i love it... lol havent been to the tanninbed in 2 weeks either... im hopin my next ob wont b bad well im hopin i wont have another at all but i probably will... im a stressful person who deals with depression and anxiety so stress is my middle name and i already have a lot of trouble sleepin... im hopin to find a way to fix my sleepin issue.. but we can tackle this h+ life together jenn !!!

Much love girl XOXO

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Oh man the uti thing is sooooooooo true! I had been getting them regularly since I was 18 (26 now) and my first OB I thought it was just a uti and a little bit of soreness from some rowdy fun...boy was I way off on that one.


I remember poking and proding my lady bits constantly! Any slight shift in any feeling and I was down there in an instant trying to see if anything looked different...I was on suppressive therapy but I was so scared that everyday for the rest of my life I would be a walking blister.


That was a year and a half ago.


Yesterday I got my first ob since I was first diagnosed. My valtrex script ran out and I decided to wait a few months before going back on to see what would happen...i got a few good months in but now that I had an OB I think I'll stay on suppressive meds....I'm rambling sorry. Back to my point! I made it a year and a half (with help from meds) with nothing resembling even faintly my first OB...and even this one...ok it's a bit of a bummer but I thought I had an ingrown hair at first...then it itched and I realized what was going on. Don't let your mind control your body or you'll go crazy. Every itch or tingle will have you in stage five panic mode and that alone can trigger something. Don't be a self fulfilling prophecy of bumps!!!! Herpes is a bit of an attention whore...the more attention you give it the more it's going to want to come out and say hi...I ignore mine for the most part and it stays away. Now don't think I brush everything off and ignore possible symptoms with a partner...I just find if I have a tingle or an itch that's being more persistent than a normal "just shaved" or "need to shave" or "weird underwear rubbing the wrong way" or any other number of feelings I let my partner know...but if I stress and start thinking an OB is about to show up guess what IT WILL because now I'm freaking out. So just keep calm and stay rational and let your body do the work for you :)

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Ok - so here's the deal - be verrry careful about "comparing symptoms" ... because that is a slippery slope that can lead to a negative kind of "support" where we look at and compare the worst parts and forget to see that while they physical stuff can suck, there's more to it that all that...


The bottom line is that inside of the group of symptoms (from nothing, to tingling, burning, itching, swollen bits, pimples, blisters, swollen glands, flu symptoms, and an obsessive relationship with a hand-mirror and your genitals) there are a multitude of combinations of each symptom for each person and you really, really can't compare one to the other ... AND, as a Massage Therapist, I've learned that each persons personal "experience" of the symptoms will be different ... I could put 2 of you in a room with the EXACT same symptoms and one would say that it was just a nuisance and the other would be curled in fetal position asking to be put out of their misery ;)


All you can do is learn what YOUR symptoms are, and that will take time because right now you will think that EVERYTHING is Herpes .... ingrown hairs, shaving knicks, underwear and sex chafing, and your ingrown toenail .... after awhile you will figure out what is H and what isn't and you will be able to deal with it accordingly ... and the first part of healing is to learn to just sit quietly with each symptom and allow yourself to sort what it likely is and then deal with it without freaking out over every little tingle and itch ;)



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Awwww thanks ladies , I do feel like it's taking over my thoughts and I need to let up it was all feeling ok till I cried realllll hard last night for 4 hours and I woke up with a slight burning feeling down there , I don't know if it's just paranoia cause when I pee I'm fine and my 10 day regiment is up tomorrow but u called my doc for a refill , I want to be as careful as I can but I can't let this control my life , all I think about is the asymptomatic carriers that are fine and living life and I want to be one. Well I can only try my best to suppress right lol and thank you @rainy your the best girl and believe me drinking only water is getting pretty boring for me too lol and @orange your right I'm going to stop focusing on this and focus on being healthy enough to forget it all . @dancer you allways know what to say . I just pray I don't see this virus for a very long time after this lol thanks for all the support ladies sending love your way

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