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New, Confused about everything.

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Ok so about two weeks ago I got the flu really bad, couldn't breath well was tired blah blah. end of the day i know got herpes on my face. nothing really on my actual lip but below and on my nose. its pretty obvious to know, plus i seen a doctor, i had very dry and tiny corners of the mouth and little white dots but that has gone its more below my btm lip. can it spread around the face easily? am i going to have an out break on every burning or heated area on my skin? does the sun or acidic foods worsen the outbreak? my lips are dry, can i moisturise? also i live in darwin, in australia, a pretty hot area, does the sun actually effect or cause an outbreak?

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First - welcome :)


Yeah - sounds like you have Oral Herpes- likely HSV1. AND you may well have had this most of your life (up to 60% of young people have it my adulthood over here) or you may have got it recently in a kissing marathon. ;)


So first - chill out ... it's not the end of the world and it's not going to take over your face (unless your immune system is REALLY out of whack!). However, if theres any chance that you just acquired it, then you will want to be careful for 4-6 months while your body builds the antibodies ... especially don't touch the area then touch your eyes... Ocular Herpes is rare but most common in newly acquired folks who transferred it by rubbing their eyes with some of the virus on their hands.


As for your triggers (sunlight, foods, etc...) it varies a LOT from one person to another, so you will have to just go through learning what sets you off, and how to manage it yourself. Over time you will figure out what triggers you (and the triggers can occasionally change... I used to be sensitive to Chocolate and nuts when consumed together, now I wolf them down and I'm fine). And yes, you can moisturize - just don't share your chapstick with anyone else.


The main thing is to understand that you can pass it on to a partner - both through kissing (oral) and oral sex (genitals) so you need to be VERY careful if you think you are having an OB and it would be best to let your partner know that you have "coldsores" and that you may occasionally have to abstain from kissing and O.S. if you think you have an OB coming on...


Otherwise, welcome to the club ... 80% of is have it over here so you are not alone by any stretch of the imagination ;)



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