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Outbreaks and exercise

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I've seen a lot of people ask if outbreaks are often caused by exercise. While every person will have different triggers, I found some interesting information.


- If outbreaks are triggered by exercise (change in routine, change in intensity) they should only happen a time or two before your body catches on.


- For MOST people, exercise reduces outbreaks because as with most things in life, sweating and the increased circulation that comes with exercise improves overall health conditions.


- If you're worried about outbreaks, start off slow and gradually increase so your body doesn't go into "shock" (you should do this anyway to avoid injury)


- Wear breathable clothes. While the tight, spandexy material often times looks better, it doesn't give your nether regions a chance to breath.


- Stay hydrated. Dehydration can trigger outbreaks.


I wish I could re-find the source for this. It was on my phone, stupid iPhone glittched out and closed all my internet windows.

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Hi SpakleyPony,


first thing , hehhehehee what a strange name, I like it :)

Well I only started one discussion on that website, it was when I first signed in the gym, the first day and I got an OB directly of sweating ......I was so angry, why I get an OB when I try to do something good to my body....well it was middle of the day, I was angry about the OB and I had couple of beers after discovering my OB and I wrote that post.............I was so angry...and I wrote a stupid post on that website...well happening :(


Now I exercise every two days and it don't harm me anymore.......sweating and sun is still a trigger but its not more like before. Your body get used to exercise and sweating, You learn but your Herpes learn a bit too....its some kind of interaction between the virus and me....he is allowed to come out at some point but don't disturb me when I do some good thing for my body. Do some exercise even H bunch you in the face at the beginning....H will calm down

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I had noticed a few posts asking about the exercise and outbreaks and found the info interesting.


I was a pretty avid runner, then got lazy about a month before my initial outbreak and then proceeded to gain like 10 pounds.... yeah. Anyway, I've been working out 6 days a week the last 3 weeks and not even a symptom has shown up. I am ecstatic about it!!

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