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I'm 16 and I just found out I have herpes and my partner said he tested negative is this possible?

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Hi, I'm 16 just diagnosed with herpes and I have only had one partner and was always tested negative for any diseases of any kind. But about a week ago I broke out with these horrible looking painful bumps around the outside of my vag. I have never had any infections like this and I looked all over the internet to figure out what it could be but none of the symptoms matched mine including herpes. So I figured it was just some small bumps from shaving (because I had recently cut myself shaving) with this in my mind I began to put some antibacterial cream on it to prevent to bumps from getting worse but it did not work and I became extremely uncomfortable to the point where I would wake up in the middle of the crying from the burning pain. I told my parents what happened and they said that it probably was from shaving and they told me to continue putting the antibacterial cream on and that it will eventually go away. I continued the cream for another week and the problems have only gotten worse, I have not had any questionable discharge but the bumps began to keep coming and it hurt like hell to urinate or have a BM. Then, just two days before going to the doctor, I began my period which caused even more pain because of the cramps, and wearing pads irritated my skin already on my regular period so that isn't helping with the pain either. When I went to the doctor they had me take a urine sample and examined me and quickly diagnosed it as herpes but I don't understand how my partner recently had two blood tests this year and was tested negative for any virus's, so how is it that I am infected with it? Please help.


P.S. I'm still waiting for my urine sample results and I don't know exactly when it should be ready.


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Hi Yvenn,


Well, there's a lot of possibilities. First, unless your doctor took a blood test or a swab test, don't take their word that "it's herpes" at 100%. Truth is, a lot of viruses and illnesses look like herpes and a visual diagnosis should never be relied upon. If you still have open blisters, go to Planned Parenthood or an OBGYN and have them swabbed. At a week past, they're probably healed, but you never know. If they are healed, you'll need to wait a few months until you can get a confirmatory blood test; it takes up to 16 weeks for that test to be considered 100% accurate.


Your boyfriend needs to confirm that he's had negative tests for HSV1 and HSV2. They are NOT included on the standard STD testing panel. Make him show you his paperwork; again, don't simply take his word for it. As Ronald Reagan said, "trust, but verify."


Your urine sample won't test for herpes. It'll test for UTI's and some other sexually transmitted infections if those tests are requested.


So, for now get your boyfriend to show you his most recent test results. If you are in a faithful, monogamous, relationship with him then those results should be pretty accurate.





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Thanks for the advice, he is supposed to be getting checked and the doctor also told me to go see a OBGYN but they have already prescribed some pills for me to take and they told me to just follow up with OBGYN to make sure the pills are fine. I am also setting up an appointment to get a blood test . Question: what should I do when I get the urine sample results should I keep up with the prescription?

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Ok. You'll need to speak with your doctor regarding what the results of your urine sample will be. You may have an infection and need medicine to treat that. I'm assuming your doctor gave you Valtrex or some other antiviral for now. If that's the case, then it's possible they will interefere with getting an accurate blood test for herpes. Again, right now your best bet for finding out if it is herpes or not is via your boyfriends test.

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I'm curious what country are you from? Some really odd Doctor work going on... If they prescribed Valtrex or other antiviral Herry is 100% right about the testing. Find another doctor if you can because any doctor giving a herpes diagnoses purely on visual is not up with the times and can't be trusted for that reason he's giving certainty without proper testing.


Next time a tip is taking Epsom salt bathes or oatmeal. And using aloe CREAM (not the gel) it can help relieve itching and pain from the sores.


Above all try to stay upbeat and don't let this small ripple in the ocean of life affect you too much. Live long and prosper.

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I live in Kansas, I don't exactly remember what he prescribed but it was two different kinds of pills. I'm still going to see another doctor to get it thoroughly checked out. And I'm trying not to stress out over it but I just hate having this feeling and not knowing what it is exactly. I'm supposed to be getting the medication tomorrow, I'm going to try it out to see what happens.

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Hello my friend...


Just to start - I got H at 17 ... first sexual experience :( ... and I'm 52 now. Whatever your diagnosis, know that you will be fine, ok?


Family Dr's are pretty useless when it comes to anything gynecological ... that's why there are OBGYN's and Planned Parenthood ;) .


I'm guessing if it's H, it would well be HSV1 from Oral Sex, which could explain why your BF *might* have had a negative Herpes result. Most STD tests don't have Herpes included. If they do, it may only be for HSV2 ... yet 50% of all new genital cases are from HSV1. So it's highly likely he hasn't been tested for it at all, or only got tested for H2 ...


Good luck with the testing. Make sure they test for both types ....and while you are awaiting the results, read as much as you can on here. Education is power :)



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@WCSDancer2010, @VirusEnhanced and @HerryTheHerp


I've been reading quite a few stories on here because I was completely depressed and couldn't stop crying when I found out about the diagnosis and it's helped a lot because the first time I read a story on here I quickly realized that it wasn't as bad as I was making it seem. And I'm glad that this sight is here because would probably still be crying right now, so thank you everyone on here you all are a great support group and keep the good work cause I'm sure there are many other teens like me that will you guys help.

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