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Herpes and peeing problems

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Hey guys, I'm a 29 yr old female and I'm going through my first herpes outbreak. Been suffering for about 11-12 days now but got blood work back today and tested positive. I wasn't that surprised since my Gyno already had her suspicions and all my symptoms matched that of herpes type 2. Thing is im suffering from real bad urinary retention to the point where i had to go to ER last night for a catheter. I posted this and my full story on the discussion board but i haven't had any responses yet :( I REALLY want to know if any of you guys suffered with the inability to pass urine during your first outbreak. Used dr google and ive read that indeed it can cause this. Anyone else? Ideas? Will the antivirals help /solve this problem. I think im too young to walk around with a pee bag strapped to my leg lol Also please if you get the chance read my story, i posted it on the discussion board titled 'herpes positive..here it goes...'' HOWEVER, thank you to the two angels who did private msg me :) Every single one of you is wonderful, just reading through all the msgs of hope and encouragment makes me feel a whole lot better. so... pee talk? lol HELP! - NEED TO PEE. Sending lots of hugs to all of you xx

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OH sweetie that's awful to be in that much pain :-). All I can do is send you a gigantic hug telepathically and lots of healing energy. Yes I know it can be like this for a first time H experience. I didn't have it that bad with my first but probably made up for it with a constant first episode that lasted for 5 months. Headaches, flu symptoms, lesions, aching legs (lots of tears and snotty noses too!)...Thought I would have it forever and was really down about it...then poof no more episodes!


I hope you are feeling a bit better now and can pee freely! I am sure the antivirals will help and you just need to get your immunity boosted. Eating very well, getting rid of crap in your life (including people who don't serve you well), doing things you love and generally nurturing yourself.


So am sending you lots of hugs lost one :-) x


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I'm sorry about the peeing issue. I guess I've had sort of similar in that I feel like I get a bladder infection every month for 3 months. My doctor thinks its possibly related. This fucking sucks. Take the suppressive medicine and that will probably help. I increase mine whenever I feel "odd down there". Just know that you are not alone. You'll get through this. Form what I hear, it gets better in time. I've only had it about 5 months now and everyday does get better and some days I even forget!!! Hugs to you! I know it will be better soon! xoxox

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Lenlani Thank you for your love and yes, as shitty as i feel i think it's time i got up and brushed myself off and quit feeling sorry for myself. I think once i feel better and not so weak i'll get back into gym and get back to living a healthy lifestyle which i was up until 2 months ago. I let myself go in terms of health and i think gym will help lift my spirits too. I peed a LITTLE easier today and NO catheter thank GOD lol I promise you i'll start nurturing myself and I'll keep you posted on how i do. I HATE these antivirals :( my whole body is in YUCK mode! Fingers crossed i dont have another ob for a LONG LONG TIME! Guess i can just think that i will never have to suffer THIS BAD with H again. I'll have a glass of wine to wave my first ob a farewell ! Hugs and love xxxx

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SingBlueSilver, yes its fucking SUCKS BAD :( !! I'm taking my meds and my dr said i won't get this bad ever since first Outbreaks are the worst ones. Urgh yes i have a bladder infection too..i swear ive lost 2kg in the past 15 days from all the symptoms put together, it's just horrible. I pray that we ALL get through life as if nothing at all is wrong and if H doesn't exist. i hopeour outbreaks be rare and Barely there. Ive had H a total of about 15 days and i'm waiting for the day i wake up and feel like ME again. I NEVER want to have another bladder infection or peeing issue :( it really is just horrible. Hopefully my meds kick in soon and i'll be rid of this stupid peeing issue ! Hugs right back and sending LOVE xxx

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Been there, it sucks. The wisest was being at work and going to the bathroom only to find I couldn't go and having to go back to my desk unrelieved. This might sound dumb, but I started keeping a cup nearby and just pouring warm water on myself while trying to pee. It helped at work especially. Just a short term fix.

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Best thing when you have peeing problems is cool water over the area when you are peeing or even better, get into a bathtub of water or the shower and run water over the area... it keeps the urine from sitting on the area and keeps the bacteria down.


Right after, pat the area down, spray with Bactine (it's the same thing that's in Oragel Single Dose, and a LOT less expensive) then pat the area dry,, followed by drying the area with a blow drier if possible. Do everything you can to keep the area cool and dry (go commando if you can ... skirts are your friend ladies!) ... that helps dry the H and keeps bacterial complications at bay :)


Oh , and Epsom Salts baths are great for drying things out too :)









http://herpeslife.com/herpes-forum/discussion/1624/herpes-medication-genital-hsv-1-how-to-keep-herpes-outbreaks-clean-dry#Item_22 My discussion amonium Alum)







Links to some of the items suggested in the links

http://amzn.to/1CHUzZE Link to Alum


http://amzn.to/1F10r3V Fractionated Coconut Oil

http://bit.ly/zincsoap Zinc Soap with coconut oil




http://amzn.to/1oUDY2n Chaga Mushroom



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