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Menstral Cycle and Herpes

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So I have noticed since I got herpes, my periods have changed. Don't know if this is a coincidence or not. At first I had more nausea and cramping and my privates had a tad burning feeling....minor but there.


Now, I sometimes get an outbreak before which is minor, and the cramping has mostly gone and the nausea, but I get a lot more blood and some clotting. Anyone else experience this? I don't know if its coincidence, have an appointment with my gynoecologist, but kind of nervous something else is going on down there or if herpes have just affected it.


Any comments?

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Hi Whitedaisies :)


The changing periods shouldn't be associated with/caused by Herpes ..... but the Herpes prodromes are likely being caused by the hormones and stress of your period ....


Are you on anti-virals? If not, perhaps you can ask your Dr if you can take them for 3-5 days before your period and for the first half or so of your period and see if that will pro-actively stop them.....


Hormones are a bitch ... and periods can make all kinds of things worse, but the anti-virals can go a long way towards helping to control the H symptoms..




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What dosage were you prescribed? Could be that you just need to up the dosage a bit...


Hormones are a pain in the rear end they can put your body through all types of stress. My gyn recommended I go on the pill to help prevent OBs...without a spike in hormones my body isn't stressed out and I don't go through as many OBs

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Herpes can't do that. You're confusing HSV with HPV. HSV is herpes (herpes simples virus) HPV is a type of std that can cause genital warts and some strains may cause cancer (human papilloma virus) HPV is extremely common and most strains of the virus don't actually do anything and the body fights off infection but certain strains can cause problems with the cervix, genital warts, and in certain cases cancer. This is part of why we get PAP smears...they're not truely defining but they help as a warning system if you have an unusual pap more in depth HPV testing will be done.


It's also my experience that the more you overthink every little bump the more you'll stress and actually bring on an OB that wasn't there to begin with. The mind is a powerful thing and while it's good to keep track of what's going on with your body keep in mind that not everything is herpes :) your body is finding a new version of "normal" so there's going to be some prodrome and such for a bit but I envisioned it as my antibodies and the herpes having an epic medieval style battle in my body hahaha weird I know but it worked to help calm me down and deal with....it made me giggle and laughing helped calm me down and staying calm helps keep the herp derps away

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Help me, help me, please. I just read this and I feel like that li'l kid whose mom takes him trough the ladies lingerie aisle at Wal Mart for the first time.


I'm scared for life. This is worse than that time my girlfriend asked me to pick up tampons for her. My therapist spent years trying to get me over that and now all that hard work has been undone thanks to you.


Why? Why did you have to put this up here and dare all of us guys to read it with that insidious tagline? That's like leaving an issue of Cosmo on the coffee table and then leaving the room. It's just cruel. It's unusual. It's punishment.


That's it. If you're going to insert gender only posts on this forum, we guys are not going to sit idly by!

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