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I was having a moment just looking back and reflecting on the people who have rejected me and man, oh man, every time I felt like I was being rejected for what ever reason, one main reason I got was because he liked her a little bit more than he liked me speech a lot, I was actually being directed to something better. Because if I look back and look at those guys now, wow, what was I thinking?????!!! I know I'm the last person to judge but I thank God for having escorted those people out my life. I'm going thru a break up and it hurts, a lot. I feel rejected and not because of herpes so this has a different perspective on me, now I think herpes is the least of my worries for someone to like me. Just really being yourself, knowing who you are, and loving yourself you will attract the perfect person into your life. I once too felt to my lowest and it happens to the best of use because we have the weapons to conquer this battle God has put us through and HE will get me through mines.

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well same here Mel_B, I had couple of relationships , I am 32 and it never worked out for me ...I never was truly in love in my live , which is really strange with 32. I was in relationship's with some nice guys but it never worked out ,from one side or the other....since I have H I haven't be in any relationship because I didn't found anybody nice I wane share my little secret :) Well usually I rushed I an relationship only because I was attracted or liked this persons character but I started that without having this deep feeling .People always tell me about...your hurt beating when you meat them , you feel comfortable., they felt this I the one ..and so on. I always went to relationship if I liked somebody a bit, I thought that love will come...but it didn't came. Actually for some of my friends it worked , they meat somebody , it haven't been the great love from beginning but now they love each other a lot....Love seems to me really strange but maybe we can find it one day...never say never...I am here and waiting...I am not searching but if it comes around I will be there :):)

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this has a different perspective on me, now I think herpes is the least of my worries for someone to like me.


Atta girl!!!! It's just one small issue to get through ... there are soooo many things someone may decide to walk away from ... the only thing H may do is make them be brutally honest with THEMSELVES about whether they see a future with you or not. And that is actually a good thing for both of you.



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