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Confused with my results. Doctor was no help.

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Hey guys!


First off, I hope all of you are doing well , staying strong and living life to the fullest. I'm beyond grateful for all the wonderful responses and messages i have recieved since joining the h forum. You all make me feel so much better with each day and not so alone. I feel like i have a new family here :)


Ok, so I'm a little confused between HSV1 and HSV2. I had a shingles outbreak when i was 11 yrs old. It was tingly and all over my chest. Never had another outbreak since i was 11 and never had cold sores.

Now when my gyno told me about my H, it wasn't where she sat me down and explained everything to me in detail. She was in a rush to get home and told me i was positive and handed me my prescription for Zovirax. I was crying trying to get some information but she said she'd discuss everything with me in 1 weeks time. HORRIBLE experience as i honestly left the clinic in tears and confused with EVERYTHING. I called today as i wanted to go in earlier to discuss everything but they told me she's gone on 2 weeks leave! so i don't even get to see her in a week. I have to wait 2. I'm a little confused with my results ,any input would be great. I think i'll change doctors because i felt SHIT with the way she told me and treated me. Whether it was intentional or not i just feel it to be unprofessional.


My Blood work reads - HSV 1&2 IgG, serum by CLIA - NEGATIVE (Less than 0.50)

then HSV 1&2 IgM, serum by CLIA - POSITIVE (1.12) RECHECKED.


What's the difference between the above? what's different about IgG and IgM?


Is it like chronic and acute? is that the difference? also shouldn't it be specific for HSV1 AND 2? why RECHECKED? If you could give me your input that would be great. Anything related to my shingles when i was 11 yrs old? Thank you guys. Just stressing and pissed off with my gyno. I'm shocked she just left without even calling to tell me to reschedule for our talk! It was all very 'you have herpes , take this med, go home and don't stress' - basically. She has been great for years but very dissapointed with the way she disclosed this to me and honestly based on this.. thinking of finding a new dr!!

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Hey TheFoundOne!


Here's something on the difference between IgG and IgM:



That is strange that it says HSV 1&2 and not separated out. That's the whole point of type testing so you can know which you have (or both)!


Have you found anything else out since originally posting this? (Sorry I've been out of commission putting on the Herpes Opportunity weekend seminar. I'm back now!) ;)

Note: This is for informational purposes only. This information does not constitute medical advice or diagnosis.
I'm not a medical professional, so please take this as friendly peer support. 

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