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Looked into this herpes cure?

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Hi everyone!


I wanted to discuss a system I found & wonder if anyone had tried this or heard of it. It is a natural system called [removed per our community guidelines]. It is a system to beat the virus for good, instead if the meds the doctors push on you. I know it seems too good to be true but after reading hundreds of stories and reviews, I wonder if it actually works. Please feel free to look into it, and decide for yourself. I would love to hear other peoples opinions.


I was diagnosed in December 2012, and my first outbreak was terrible. I had at least 17 sores on my downstairs and had waited days and days to call a doctor and when I finally did get an appointment, I had to wait about 3 days to get in. After running several tests, they confirmed that it was HSV 1, and that they had never seen type one on someone's downstairs, only HSV 2.


After taking the prescribed meds and pain relieving creams, it all went away after about 1.5-2 weeks. Since then, I have only had 2 breakouts, consisting of one red soar that popped up and after I took 1-3 pills it vanished. I read that every 6 months it will come back , and this month, June, is when it's due back. I have yet to see it, and am now 30 weeks pregnant. I have read so many stories about people have terrible breakouts 2-3 times a month & how medication won't help them. I was really hoping that the system I mentioned above might help those people and just wanted to throw it out there to help.


Please feel free to contact me by responding to my post, and even your story with me. I'm sending positive energy to everyone and hope that you can all take some time to cry but then stand up & say this does not define who I am.

Much love!!



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This is a fraud and you're preying on peoples' emotions and potential desperation. There is currently no cure for HSV, including the one you say you have. Please do not use this support forum to direct traffic to your fraud. This place is for people to support each other, not run out and buy voodoo medicine solutions.

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Those sites are designed to prey on people like you who are "desperate for a cure". Believe me, if there were ANY possibility that there was a non-drug "cure" we'd all be on here here...I've had it 35 years and I've seen it all.


I read that every 6 months it will come back , and this month, June, is when it's due back. I have yet to see it, and am now 30 weeks pregnant.


This is certainly not the time for you to try anything yourself that isn't proven. Your Dr should be putting you on Acyclovir soon ... the protocol is to go on anti-virals for the last month or so to keep you from having an OB so you can have the baby naturally. It's been used for 20+ years and from all accounts has no effect on the baby because it only activates in contact with the virus.... you certainly don't want to try anything no matter how well "recommended" until after the baby is born.

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Thank you guys for giving me that info. I guess I'm just hopeful. I was looking for opinions, and was curious if anyone had tried it.

I wasn't planning on trying anything new until after I delivered of course. Just hoping for a cure!!


Thanks guys, sorry to post stuff that's not proven. Hey, you got to ask to know right??



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I think everyone here at some point went through that stage where they want to believe there is some undiscovered answer to this question. There simply isn't. Not yet. And there won't be for years. Despite all the therapies in R&D, there is not a whole lot of money going into this research and it is often paid for by scientists who insist on funding it concurrently with HIV research. Dr. Keith Jerome at UW has used this approach to ensure his work on HSV remains funded. Thankfully he and most of the other researchers who work on this are brilliant and skilled fundraisers as well. Someday we'll have relief, but it will be a while.

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