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Told my new guy about my genital herpes! And he said...

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So I wanted to share my story with other people who may be dealing with dating and having genital herpes! I have recently found out that this is no easy task! I mean dating is hard enough then add something like an incurable std! It can be stressful!... So a little info on me I am 24 recently divorced found out I had genital herpes in 2010 when I was still with my ex. He was supportive, stayed with me, and assured me he did not give it to me. So we split and I have recently started dating again, met a few guys in the last several months but nothing serious, didn't really click with any of them. Until about a week and a half ago! I met an incredible guy that I have so much chemistry with its scary! Lol... He really likes me as I really like him... We've already been on like 5 dates, we text all day, he actually calls to talk which many guys my age don't do anymore it's all about texting nowadays! We haven't done nothing much but kiss, some touching, outside the clothes... And I even made it clear from day one that I don't have sex with anyone until we are in a relationship. He was fine with it and told me he wanted more then just sex so he could wait as long as I wanted :) so being so great I knew I had to tell this guy right away about the herpes! 1. Because he has a right to know if we are going to be intimate in the future and 2. Because I know I am on my way to falling for this guy and before I get too attached and invest too much time he has to know so I don't get too hurt if he decides to take off!



Okay so last night was our 5th date I believe so I see him often! 5 dates in less then2 weeks! Lol I'm telling you we get along amazing! Any who, we go eat and have great conversation (as always) and laugh joke and had a great time.... We get back to my house and we park and start our usual make out session. He tells me if I want to go into the back seat not to take it further just so we can be closer together and hold each other, so that's when I told him I think we need to talk. I said it like this I really really like you and before we take things further and before we both get too attached we need to have a discussion... He sits up in his seat and says okay baby lets talk... Let me tell you before I go on that I read countless articles and blogs on the web on how to do this but of course I was still more nervous then I've ever been! I have never told anyone that didn't already know me for yrs, that trusted, and or was very very close to me... Only about 3 people know I have herpes, so basically I was freaking out in the inside but staying cool and calm on the outside like all the advice I've read said to do


So I ask him when's the last time you've been tested? (Another tip from my research) he says a little over a year ago and that if I wanted him to get tested again he would.... Then I tell him the story of how I found out I had something back in 2010 that I found out it was from my ex he had it didn't tell me and gave it to me! I tell him all this but don't say the name, I think it sounds so awful I couldn't say it so I asked him to guess and he did, he told me he didn't know much about it so I told him all the basics the important things he needed to know and guess what he said! NO WORRIES WE'LL BE OKAY! And then said lets go in the back seat!


He kissed me and hugged me the whole time I was trying to tell him asking if I was okay... Being his usual sweet self...


BUT he was okay with it and still wanted to go in the back seat with me and kiss me and get close! I thought I would repulse him after I told him and he'd just go home but no! It was like I hadn't even told him I have a Std! I was SO relieved!! I told him exactly this "The decision is urs, if you want time to think take time, if you run for the hills ill completely understand, really I will" and you know what he said! I'm not running anywhere! Omg I was so happy to hear that I asked him if he was sure and he said "I'm sure baby" I wanted to cry!! But didn't lol I wanted to jump his bones! Haha but didn't do that either lol he even reassured me again when we were saying goodbye saying we're gonna be okay! Greatest part in that sentence "WE'RE" I am so happy !! Trying not to be too excited because maybe he'll change his mind but I don't think he will... It feels so good to have him know! And stick around! I mean even if he ends up deciding he doesn't want to risk it and we split at least my first telling experience was positive! Which will give me confidence for the next time, right!?


I don't usually write on forums or what not but I had to share because yesterday so many stories like mine gave me the courage to tell him. So I hope I have helped build more people's courage after you have read this and I wish you goodluck with ur experiences :D

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