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Just diagnosed

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I just found out yesterday that I have herpes. My doctor prescribed me Valtex 1GM twice a day for 10 days. She also prescribed vicodine for the pain. I have never experienced pain like this before, especially when I am going to the restroom. I try to direct the stream away from the blisters, but I have so many it's very difficult. My doctor told me not to put anything on the blisters, so I stopped putting coconut oil on them. Is there any other way to help the blisters heal faster? I am in so much pain and the vicodine only makes me sleep. Also wheb does the tingling go away? I am still in shock about being diagnosed with herpes. I have been with the same guy for the past 2 years. Of course I immediately thought he had cheated but my doc explained that it can be transmitted from an oral cold sore to genital. I am so frustrated, scared, and feel dirty.

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Welcome to the club! I am sorry to welcome you to this club... but we are a community brought together for a reason. I've never heard of a Doctor prescribing Vicodine for the pain. I can only imagine how severe that must be. But as a concerned individual whose seen the negatives of prescriptions please be careful.


Now that I've said that the doctor may not be entirely educated on Herpes care. There are different things you can try like Epsom Salt baths which you can then pour on the affected area. Oatmeal bath I've heard to have raving results on comfort control it isn't lasting but gives you a warm bath without pain. Also I don't see any reason why you can't apply antiseptic pain relieving ointment. Aloe CREAM (Not the gel as it can contain alcohol and burn the affected area) I've read can help the affected area and encourage healing. Best thing to do is keep the area dry as best you can and not handle the area without clean hands. Be sure not to manipulate or "pick" the affected area because that will only make the skin that much unhappier.



There is no reason to be scared as you WILL survive this. If you can move past the emotional rollercoaster Herpes can be you and I just like many of us will continue to lead absolutely normal or abnormal or kinky lives however we see fit!


You didn't specify what type of Herpes you have. That can be an important factor to know if it's HSV1 and HSV2 each have some unique behaviors. If you're having severe or constant OB you may have an immune issue. But still that's no reason to let this virus cause you more emotional issue because it doesn't deserve that much attention. You are one of many who can and have had severe reaction to Herpes but just like you and many are going to be OK!




I have HSV1 Oral?Genital (Asymptomatic Shedder) and HPV. I let HSV and HPV change and affect my life. That was a total mistake that I wish could not have made... don't make my mistake and educate yourself and know YOU ARE GOING TO BE OK! :-) Live long and propser.


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Hello Canuckintx. Although I only registered on this site yesterday I was in your exact place 27 years ago. This really sucks in the beginning. Knocks you right on your ass, the ultimate slap upside the head. You wonder, where do I go from here?


The good news is you found this site. I lurked in the shadows here for a couple of weeks. I can tell you there is loads of great info on this site and plenty of shoulders for you to cry on here in the beginning. You are not alone. When I was diagnosed back in 1987 all I got was a tri-fold pamphlet and a bottle of acyclovir. Beyond that all there was was crickets, tumbleweeds and the rustling of leaves. Don't be afraid to ask questions, vent frustrations and learn from other peoples experiances.


I have never used Valtrex. When I used acyclovir I usually had relief in 24-48 hours. I imagine Valtrex is about the same. Since my wife and I are both H+ I haven't used acyclovir in over 15 years.


After 27 years I can tell you that in time everything will be alright. You may want to call bullshit on that right now and thats ok too. The most important thing right now is to educate yourself and take care of yourself.

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First - welcome... glad you found us!


I'm a 35 year "veteran" of H. As the other "oldtimer" on here said, everything will be alright in time.


I personally would get the to an OBGYN if you have not already (sounds like you went to a Family Practitioner ... they are often USELESS when it comes to H). Yes you CAN put stuff on the blisters ... in fact, if it's that bad they can give you Lidocaine cream ... but as @Enhanced said, Aloe CREAM is great...


Some other suggestions:


Go Commando as much as possible - getting air to the area can help to dry it out more quickly


Reduce stress as much as possible - Herpes feeds off stress!!! It can become a good barometer for you that your body needs attention in some form or other


Look up Trigger Foods/triggers on here in the FAQ and search bar - lots of topics on them ... the main foods are chocolate and nuts but you want to learn about the Lysine/Argenine balance that can help keep Herpes under control


Epsom Salts baths can do wonders for some. Sit in the bath and dump a few handfuls of the salts right between your legs. Relax and let the salts do their thing then get out and dry off, finishing with a blow drier set on low heat to really get the area dry.


Pee in the bath or shower or pour water over the area while you pee. Helps to reduce the pain a bit. Then pat dry and finish as above with blow drier.


These 5 things seem to do the most help for the most people. Also Zinc cream may help during the day to keep it from sticking and help relieve the pain ..


And get educated...check out the FAQ section... there are LOTS of conversations there on relief, relationships, and learning to accept and cope with H.




and the disclosure handouts






Disclosure e-book:





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I have HSV1 genitally also, and my doctor also RX'ed Vicodin for the pain of my first outbreak. It was excruciating. I took Epsom baths and, in a fit of desperation, even put a DRY ice pack between my legs. I'm brand new to this community, recently diagnosed as well, so I'm in your same boat.

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Hello and Welcome!


I just had to comment - PLEASE don't do the Dry Ice again... you can do a LOT more harm to the area than good!


Follow the suggestions I gave above ..(do the epsom salts bath the way I suggested because it gets more of the healing salts to the area) .. they help a LOT ... and search through the FAQS and use the SEARCH box to find even more ideas ...



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Thank you everyone for your kind words and advice. I took an epsom salt bath this morning and ot felt so nice! I'm going to stop at the store and get some aloe cream as well. I did see my GP doc at first but have an appt to see my OB tomorrow. So far my outbreak doesn't seem to be getting better, but I know it takes more than 2 days of being on the medicine. I have HSV-1

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Epsom salt bath followed by a blow dryer on "cool" setting instead of toweling off...trust me ;) that was the most comforting moment during my first OB and it helped dry everything out a bit so it didn't sting so bad!


Also you're not dirty. Knock that off. :) I say that kindly!!!!! You are not dirty or any of the negative things going through your head. Everything's gonna be alright :)

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I am definitely going to try the cool blow dryer! Thank you so much. Once this outbreak goes away I'm sure I'll stol beating myself up. I am in so much constant pain it's all I can think about. I went looking at Walgreens for some aloe cream, but there are so many with different things in them. I didn't see any aloe only cream.

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Apologies now for suggesting links outside of Herpeslife.com but I hope this is an exception.


These are a few products with good reviews and do not contain the type of alcohol that irritates it will say it contains "Cetearyl Alcohol" Which is not part of SD alcohol or ethyl alcohol.














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You are very welcome. I'd also like to add to use common skin caution. Such as applying the cream to your wrist and let sit for 24 hours to be certain you won't have any adverse affects by allergic or otherwise. I highly doubt it would be the case but never can be too careful. Hopefully it offers you some topical relief.

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Actually, I'd go to a health food store for the Aloe Vera cream ... you are more likely to get one that is as pure as you can get... *I* certainly wouldn't trust Jergens to not have other stuff in it that would irritate...esp if you have extremely sensitive skin.


Jergens ingredients:


Water , Glycerin cheap filler , Petrolatum another cheap filler, Tapicoa Starch , Cetearyl Alcoholalcohol , PEG/PPG 17/6 Copolymer , Behentrimonium Chloride , Dimethicone , Isopropyl Palmitate alcohol, PPG 15 Stearyl Ether alcohol, Propylene Glycol Isostearate , Panthenol , DMDM Hydantoin , Methylparaben estrogenic properties , Fragrance often irritating to sensitive skin , Propylparaben estrogenic properties , Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice WOW.... after all that they finally get to the Aloe!!! , Cetyl PG Hydroxyethyl Palmitamide , Tocopheryl Acetate , Yellow 10 , Green 5


This product is mostly cheap fillers with a sprinkling of aloe ... :(


I'd trust something like these products...sadly I can't find one quickly in the USA that doesn't contain glycerin (which I loath ...it makes lotions feel waxy to me) but if you look the Aloe is the 2nd ingredient ...right after another soothing ingredient, cucumber ;) There's no other crap in there like you see in the one above - and all the ingredients are wonderful for skin issues




Ingredients: Cucumber, Organic Aloe Vera Juice, Organic Sunflower, Kosher Vegetable Glycerin, Organic Coconut, Cocoa Butter, Cetyl Alcohol, Potassium Stearate, Organic Beeswax, Organic Jojoba, Vitamin C, MSM, Citrus Oil, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Organic Rosemary, Organic Avocado, Tamanu Oil, Flax Seed Oil. Primerose Oil, Organic Oregon Grape, Organic Rosehip Oil, Vitamin B5, Organic Lavender, Organic Calendula, Organic Chamomile, Grapeseed Oil, Macadamia Nut, Sodium Carbomer, Phenoxythanol, Ethyl Hexyl Glycerin.

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Thank you WCSdancer! I'm going to make a trip to whole foods or natural grocers this weekend for it along with some vitamins. I take multi-vitamins daily but want to start taking lysine daily as well. I am so glad I found this community. Only a few days since I was diagnosed and I am feeling so much better emotionally. My BF is extremely understanding as are my 2 best friends who I have told. My BF is feeling extremely guilty, since he passed it to me from his cold sores.

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Honey - tell your BF from me that he is not to blame - so many people have no idea that "cold sores" can be transferred to the genitals...INCLUDING some doctors. 50% of all new Genital Herpes cases are HSV1 from oral sex because of the ignorance/mis-information of the general public due to lack of education and poor sex ed classes in schools. And get him on here...we can help him to understand and come to terms with what happened :)


Print out the ingredients list of the cream I gave you the example of, and try to get something that is as close as possible to that list...make sure that Aloe is one of the FIRST ingredients ... not the last when you get the cream ;)



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