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Needing real advice on first herpes outbreak...

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Friday I noticed one single bump, I assumed it was an in grown hair because I get them fairly common from waxing. By noon, I had 3 blisters that looked like little swollen pores. I was freaked but not in any pain or discomfort so continued with work. By Friday night these tiny blisters/enlarged pores had spread to my entire right labia. Freaked I scheduled the first appointment for the doctors Monday. By Sunday night my entire labia was covered with these tiny blistering enlarged pores that look nothing like herpes pictures.


The doctor confirmed visually and also tested that it is intact herpes. I can deal with that later and I will but now I need to stop this pain. I'm sure others have felt this but it HURTS. I feel like new sores develop and burst every second. I work an office job so at night I'm in a loose dress only to try and have little pressure or touching the pain only seems to get worse at night.


I started my meds today to start working as the outbreak was "the worst I've ever seen" according to my doctor and seems much more dramatic than anything I can find in my recent obsession with the google tool bar.


I've read around the sight and there seems to be no quick fix or advice to deal with the pain right now. Could seriously use some real help here. Doctor told me not t put anything on them and leave them dry but I do feel slightly better if I ice or after a warm shower. Will this make the healing process more lengthily?? Please help I know I WILL be fine but this pain is horrendous.

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Hi Jacqueline,


I'm so sorry you are in pain. I know how it feels. Not that it is much consolation, but the first outbreak is usually the worst.


A warm bath with Epsom salts can help. Your meds will help soon, this is only your first day. you can also take a supplement called L-lysine that will give your body a boost. You will read that advice in lots of threads here and I use it as well.


I missed two days of work with my first outbreak. I had swollen lymph glands everywhere, I felt flu-ish with the chills, not to mention the blisters, and it was not fun.


It will get a little better every day. Your body is working hard to fight the virus, so get plenty of rest, good nutrition and fluids. If you can't miss work, absolutely rest when you get home. And if the pain isn't something you can manage with over the counter pain reliever, call your doctor.


So many people are surprised by the severity if this first outbreak, but I promise, it will get better. If you are super stressed, it will slow down your healing time for sure, so try to do what my username says. :)


You're gonna be okay, my friend.


Sending you a big hug. ((((Jacqueline)))



Aka breatheandletgo

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I am totally feeling for you Jacqueline...yeah those first days are awful. This time last year I was where you are now. Breathe has great advice and the Epsom salts in the bath are awesome...they help dry the blisters and are a great detox for your whole body.


It does get better, its just a matter of...yes breathing and letting go. If you feel down and need some love just post again and we will reply...it is a rough time until your first episode settles down. You just feel like crap and that you have no control over your emotions or your body...believe me it will pass.


So nurture yourself as much as you can and know you have a little team sending you healing :-) A big hug from me too. x

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Thank you tons. Day 1 of full meds is over and I still feel it all the time but I walked with less of a cringe and sitting didn't completely suck. Another first timer question... With the outbreak so bad it's hard to wash and I feel dirty. Not gross just a lot is going on down there. In the morning and night I sit in the tub and just flush I guess. Any tips or just leave it alone and love washing when it's gone?


My doctor said no harsh soaps and avoid putting anything on it. Showers so far have been water followed by the blow dryer (which was a great tip I read last night)

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Hi Jacqueline,


try this: I read it on a forum, and I think it's the zinc in it, so soothing! Now I put it on at first sign of an episode; I put a lot on at night and sleep with nothing on so there's nothing to rub off on.........Nappy rash cream, or as you Americans would say, diaper rash cream. Unbelievable the relief it gives me, and my episodes are v short now. If it doesn't agree with you, do as yr doctor says......but I find it legendary in its relief of the heat, scratchiness, and it's not just about how it feels, it does heal as soon as it's on your skin. Let us know how you find it, good luck! It really does get easier.


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