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Not ready to disclose either

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I know.. it's just a gamble isn't it?

Here we are , talking everyday, connecting so easily, talking too well. You have the best comebacks I have heard in years, and our playfulness has me laughing at all hours of the night, day. Damn, I am starting to really like you. We have this insane connection, like you know what I am going to say and you know what I'm feeling. And at times, we don't even need to talk and I'm just happy like that.

I want to get physical, you know it, you feel it, but you want to wait. We understand each other on so many levels, I could marry you yesterday. I'm falling quick in a semi dellusion of instant love, instant passion. It wasn't love at first sight two years ago, I was taken but you were damn attractive.

When you asked me why you hadn't heard from me in a year, you already knew the answer. I'm single now. I wanted to call you before tough...? How could I? My heart was not ready yet. Not ready for you.


I have this secret tough, and I just want to blurt it out, just tell you now... we are well past date 4. I didn't mean to catch this virus, this life companion, really... it was just supposed to be all fun and games till I felt ready.

I know you are not decided on me yet, and that's cool... I enjoy the chase. But I'm not perfect anymore, I feel... "defective". I can wait, I can take my time. I don't know how you are going to feel about it, I have noo idea. You are probably going to want to smack me on the head for not calling you earlier. but you know why...

You are coming over next week and I dread it. My bachelor pad was conceived for minimal resistance... No one has ever made it out alive. Maybe I should sabotage myself by placing stink bombs around corners. Lol. Lock my bedroom, throw the key away.


I can't wait to get my hands around you, but I'm not ready to tell you about this either. Not until I know you really want this too, besides I'm having too much fun just talking to you. I want you to feel desired because you are, fucking amazing...


Then again, maybe I'm setting up myself for a crash and should escape before it is too painful. I'm a guy, I'm used to rejection. This H tough... is a brand new thing for me...

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You are NOT a defect. And NO ONE is perfect, humans werent meant to be perfect!

Tell her how much you care about her, how its not just lust, theres a common ground you feel between you two, that you trust her enough to share with her a little somethin important, you can do it!

Tell her what youve just told us!

Soo many people on this forum have, and no.. it doesnt always work out, but it can, inform her as much as u can, give her time to think, let her ask questions. Allow the trust to grow!! Good luck buds

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First... I have to say this made me snort when I read it...


My bachelor pad was conceived for minimal resistance... No one has ever made it out alive.


Sorry but it reminds me of one of the last guys I dated .... but I made it out...barely ... LOL


I agree with the others ... what you wrote is beautiful and I think if you copied it and gave it to her after the disclosure ... just let her know just how conflicted you are and ALLOW HER TO SEE YOUR VULNERABILITY, if you are to her what she is to you, she will very, very likely "not make it out alive" ... ;)



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