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Hey everyone im new here and am suffering with severe anxiety after diagnosis

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just found out i had hsv 2 2months ago and am really struggling with coping with this and want someone i can talk to that understands. I have anxiety and was doing really well with coping with it and when i got diagnosed with H my anxiety took a turn for the worse ,so now im having constant thoughts in my head about my health and think im becoming a little hypocondriac lol because of not knowing i had H so now im wondering what else i can have but im probably fine but theres just non stop things running through my head after being diagnosed. I loved your podcasts i think those are what got me through the first couple weeks cause i was in a real dark place those first weeks after being diagnosed.. well i love what u do for us Herpes people adrial and think u should do some more podcasts maybe one dealing with anxiety after being diagnosed... So i was just wondering if any of you have anxiety and after getting diagnosed have experienced this or even if u dont have anxiety . and if u have some info to help ii would appreciate it.. Hope everyone is doing well

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Yep I had anxiety really bad. To the point where I'd either have a panic attack or start crying in public. It will get better. I've had it for almost 4 years!


A's podcasts really calmed me down thru everything. I'm still pretty new to this group but after a breakup with my long term boyfriend and father of my son and I was in a really dark place! His voice and reassurance calmed me down. I listened to it while laying in bed trying to sleep and it really worked for me!


Make sure you fill our your shameless profile and join/help us get this accomplished. Staying active in this community as well as other support groups will help tremendously! Good luck to you

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Hey kaande i really appreciate you commenting it made me feel better and ya i think A's podcasts helped me out alot, And im sorry to hear about your breakup,, thanks again for the comment.. I hope your doing good and feel free to message me in the future if ya want ...God bless

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Hey angler, welcome to the forum. Stay in touch, this has been a great outlet for me. I recently discovered it, although I've been living with HSV2 for 21 years now. I guess that makes me a veteran LoL so should you need some advise don't hesitate to contact me (or anyone here for that matter, you'll find a great support group).


I'm sorry you're experiencing so much anxiety--atop the one you were already dealing with--. I too have had run-ins with anxiety. at some point i went through a severe episode of panic attacks: they would occur mainly in the subway (i live in NYC), at the movies or in the classroom. it was very scary. so I can relate and feel your pain, brother. Now that HSV2 is partof the mix, I do my best to keep life stress-free, an impossibility for life IS stress, but guys like us have to manage.


It's okay, bro. there is absolutely nothing wrong with you. i wish i could say this loud enough via email, because the opposite statement (there's something wrong with you) is false... nothing but internal noise getting the best of you. with that said... there is nothing wrong with that internal noise either... it's part of life, we react to things that come at us from the outside and internalize them. some of us are better at internalizing than others. but essentially there is nothing wrong with who you are, with who i am. the man before herpes is the same and remains as attractive, sexy, lovable, integral, and cool as when herpes simplex showed up.


think about what herpes simplex is: a virus that flares up via the skin due to stress factors or poor nutrition or both. due to the fact that it rears its ugly head via the skin, that makes it a contagious virus, and because when people fuck they're usually stark naked, BOOM.


so you had sex. so you contracted this harmless virus that causes temporary skin eruptions. if psoriasis was as equally contagious, psoriasis too would carry stigma. if rosacea was as equally contagious, it too would be considered an STI. you get my meaning?


the problem is not the herpes simplex virus (which is also responsible for chicken-pox, shingles, herpes labialis or HSV-1)... the problem is our inherent perception that sex is bad, dirty, sinful, guilt-inducing... hence, contracting HSV1 or 2 signifies that you've been doing the bad, the dirty, the nasty... and the shame you now feel is your reward. YES... a life-time of guilt is what you deserve for having sex... word, no more coochie for us because we are bad, very bad, men.


NON-SENSE! PURITANICAL BULLSHIT brought on by religious, hypocritical, repressed sex-o-phobes, and their friends.


now is the time for guys like you and I to divorce from such mental garbage. Herpes--as Adrial has stated--is an opportunity to come together with our Self (or higher power, or soul) and take responsibility for what matters most... our happiness, our enjoyment of the world, our health, our lives. Because brother, this ride is not forever.

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Carlos thanks brotha u really made my hole damn day and weeks to come bro this comment has really inspired me bro i cant tell u how much . I know it will take time tell i get back in my groove again until then its good to know i have people like u and everyone else on this site to connect to..u been a great help bro Thanks Allot man for the comment and stay in touch man even if u need some support im here even though it sounds like u are doin pretty well with this herpes thing, and for 21 years I give u props and it makes me happy to see that this virus doesnt kill us lol... So as joe dirt says bro "Gotta keep on keepin on , lifes a garden dig it" lol i dont know if u have seen the movie but its one of my best ones..

God bless brotha


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Carlos, well said! Ive been reading your posts but havent commented that much. You are an inspiration... Gotta meet you sometime. You know exactly what to say and how to say it. Your a gem and worth more than gold! You've given a lot to everyone in here and I know there is so much more to come.... :-)

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Go Carlos ) you gorgeous man (I know I've said it before ;-)...he's so right Angler! I had anxiety at the beginning - actually a total freak out...but now I have control of my thoughts again I'm sweet (I get sad every now and then but that's nothing). It's all in your thoughts...negative ones breed anxiety - so reframe them to the opposite and tell them to yourself over and over again..your brain creates the good feelings! It's worth the effort and then H and anything else that threatens your peace of mind has no power over you!


Glad you felt better reading Carlos's post...it's the truth! :-)

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hey thanks lelani aprreciate the comment and your right it is all in the brain and i just need to probably change the bad thoughts with good ones and live life cause this thing isnt gonna kill me .. i hope your having a good day take care and thanks again

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