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Note to the whole community - PLEASE READ

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While 99% of the posts on here are supportive and loving, there have been a few posts on here that have been, in a word, judgmental and insensitive recently. I want to make it absolutely clear that this kind of behavior WON'T be tolerated. We understand that for many here, there is a lot of anger and frustration and blame for how you got here. However, we will NOT allow anyone to take that out on others.


It is imperative that this place is a safe, JUDGEMENT FREE ZONE. It doesn't matter if someone got H from their first sexual experience or their hundredth .... and while we believe very strongly that people should disclose before getting sexually intimate, we DO NOT JUDGE when someone comes here and asks us how to put things to rights. We don't care if you are gay, straight, polyamorous. If someone admits they have had an affair, it is not for us to judge about what caused that behavior ... we are here to help them to understand the virus and to help to GUIDE them about how to deal with their loved ones. If someone admits they have slept with 20 people and not disclosed, it's not for us to judge. Get the theme here????


If you are feeling judged, insulted, or threatened, you can always let me or Adrial know in a PM. I try to keep an eye on things but sometimes things slip by me ... and Adrial has his hands full with the Home Study Course development and thus isn't as present as he usually is. So please, if you are having an issue, let us know.


Again, it is imperative that this is a JUDGEMENT FREE ZONE. We HAVE to create a safe place where people can feel safe to be 100% vulnerable and authentic about where they are at. Understood???


Peace Out

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I appreciate your vigilance and dedication to keeping our community safe, accepting and supportive, Dancer. Good job.


Everyone, here's a reminder of what this community stands for and the guidelines that we follow together to keep this the vibrant community that it's become:



Clarification: It is perfectly okay to take out your anger and frustration on these boards. Venting is healthy. Getting it out in the open instead of bottling it in is healthy. Anger is part of the process of healing — it's natural and perfectly acceptable. It's just not acceptable to direct that anger and frustration toward others in our community, especially when they are genuinely trying to help.

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