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Rejection, sad face

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So i've had this friend, we dated a few years ago and always got along and stayed friends, have a lot of the same views on life and parenting, but we lived too far apart to make it anything more. There was a time when we were both single we would joke that once all our kids were out the door we's run away together. Well I'm almost there, and single again, so he started talking like he wanted to maybe rekindle things. I waited a few talks before I told him about my status, he was supportive and said lots of people had it and it''s just a bump in the road. I was so relieved and thought he was being so sweet about it all. And now it's been a week and havent heard from him, so I asked him what was up, and he said the h+ was just more than he can handle right now. He was honest, which i do appreciate, and said it was just really tough because he knows I got it from this other guy I was dating at the time.... rejection, sad face. It seems I'll end up alone.... just sadness

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Awwww --- (((HUGS)))


So remember, this is something that he said he can't handle right now. Maybe something will change down the road when he remembers what an awesome person you are and he dates a few more bat-shit crazy women ... Herpes will seem like a minor inconvenience then ...LOL


Seriously, you WILL find someone who will accept you with H ... who will be in a place where they are so ready for a SERIOUS relationship that it won't matter. Maybe he just realized that re-kindling something was more of a dream for him than something he seriously wanted....


Remember: the one thing that "the talk" will do will make a person take pause and ask themselves if they really are ready for a relationship with you, or if they are just really, really "attracted" to you but don't see a future (or are not ready to build a future) with you. I'm guessing for this guy, the latter may be what's happening for him ... a fling (that *might* develop into something) was fine but he's not willing to risk getting H when he's not ready/willing to look at a serious LTR.


You are too beautiful to be alone long... and I can tell you that if the feedback on here is anything like accurate of the success:failure ratio post-"the talk", I'd say we have a 4:1 success rate or better. So don't despair.... the "right" guy will come along. he just hasn't found you yet ;)



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Thanks @WCSDancer2010 so much of what you say rings so true.


And he texted today and says he wants to talk about us and our future together. weeeee! Crazy how life works.


I've been so angry lately... hating the ex bf who gave this to me. No matter what happens, no more negative looking back, only positive looking forward :)



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