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Lost and confused about genital HSV1

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I was diagnosed about two months ago with genital HSV-1. The outbreak was horrific and traumatizing. I'm trying to learn and cope with it all even now. The call from the clinic was brief and pretty much the nurse said "I don't know how you have HSV1 on your private area" when I asked was this possible. Now i know it is indeed possible, but now there's so many other questions. I've been reading to try and find out One how did I get infected?? Could my partner have passed it by genital to genital contact?? Or maybe by kissing me. Or is the only way to transfer it is oral to genital contact. I'm so lost about it all and I hope this makes sense. . Thanks in advance to everyone that offers advice.

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Well I have to answer quickly, just heading out. Will follow up later


You can get hsv1 from genital to genital or oral to genital. If a partner of yours gets cold sores they have the virus and even when a sore is not present on their lip they can still she's the virus and can transfer it to u via oral sex.


I assume u did a genital swab for the results.


Hsv1 in the genitals tends to she's less and once ur body has it under control u can have fewer outbreaks generally compared to hsv2.


Search this site. Lots of info on hsv1.


Don't worry u will be ok. Most people have the virus anyway either orally or genitally so there is some immunity with future partners.


Big hugs. It's a transition. U will be fine and lots of good people here to help u

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Hello and Welcome!


@Whitedaisies pretty much said it all .... but I just have to say that any nurse/Dr worth their salt should know that you can get HSV1 on your genitals from oral OR genital sex, given that 50% of all new genital cases of HSV1 genital is from Oral Sex. You may want to talk to you Dr and tell him/her that the staff needs some up-to-date training on STD's. Or maybe you just need a new Dr. When I hear of a Dr that is this poorly informed I tell people they many need to look elsewhere because that tells me they are not staying up to date on the things that are commonly coming into their office.


We have lots of great information here - check these links out - I think they will answer most of your questions:





Handouts + disclosure e-book:





Herpes facts video
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There's no knowing why one person has hardly anything and another has 3 OB's like you, except that Herpes LOVES stress and there are some foods and other triggers that set some people off ....


This is some good info on triggers:







And this is what I tell everyone as far as the basic how -to control the OB's


4 quick suggestions:


Go Commando as much as possible - getting air to the area can help to dry it out more quickly


Reduce stress as much as possible - Herpes feeds off stress!!! It can become a good barometer for you that your body needs attention in some form or other


Look up Trigger Foods/triggers on here in the FAQ and search bar - lots of topics on them ... the main foods are chocolate and nuts but you want to learn about the Lysine/Argenine balance that can help keep Herpes under control


Epsom Salts baths can do wonders for some. Sit in the bath and dump a few handfuls of the salts right between your legs. Relax and let the salts do their thing then get out and dry off, finishing with a blow drier set on low heat to really get the area dry.


These 4 things seem to do the most help for the most people. Aloe Vera CREAM (make sure ALOE is one of the first ingredients and there isn't a bunch of other crap like petroleum and if it has glycerine, it's AFTER the Aloe in the ingredients .. go to a Health food store for your best chance of getting a good product) or Zinc cream may help during the day to keep it from sticking and help relieve the pain ..


Also: Gold Bond Spray powder - right after exercising/hot showers/etc. Supposedly really cools the area ;)



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If its easier/ comfier to use a pad than do so for this time! No need to put more physical stress if u dont havr to right!?

As for future, yes u can use tampons!

Everyone person is different. Every woman is different.

All depends where the ob is and how comfortable/uncomfortable u are at the time!

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Well you are still very much in the early stages and your body will still be making the antibodies. so anything could trigger you ... and periods can be a big trigger for many women. But reducing stress will also help a lot.


Use tampons if they work for you - I found that pads stuck to my OB's because of their location. :-O

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