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I am new to this i found out i had in October. though it looked like a huge pimple anf the docs were sure it was a pimple, which when my test came back i had herpes. I was sad, depress, upset because i am a person who always get tested for everything and only been with 3 PPL. i was also scared my bf would leave me which he.didn't and said we will live a normal life. what is weird is my blood test is always negative but when they took a culture test it was positive. I just want to know How long does it take for the outbreak to become less? also can i still eat anything or do i have to cut of food. It's frustrating.

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Hi Prin,

From what I've read, and it seems true in my experience as well, the first year is when you'll get the most frequent outbreaks, then it starts to settle down. I've had it 6 years now and I break out once a year if that and I literally have to visually notice I'm broken out because I don't feel any discomfort any more. It gets better. Not sure about the food thing, I've never altered my diet.

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Hello Unbroken,'

Thank you for responding. That is good to hear. I'm just scared it won't ease up. And for the food, I asked because i lost 20 lbs when i heard u had it because of depression and when i am sick,which when I first had an OB I had a fever for a month I tend not to eat. and i am trying to gain my weight back and Iget scared. it my trigger it. fyi even before this I have always been an ocd/freaking over everything, which probably doesn't help lol

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You are clearly freaking that's what's likely causing your weight issues. Do yourself a favor, #1 calm down. #2, read #1 again. #3, you're in a massive group of people. The first thing this stupid virus does is make you feel like your the only person on the planet with it. That is bullshit. 1 in 6 people have it, that's something like 25 million people in America alone. Next time you are in a restaurant of 100 people, just realize statistically 16 of those people have genital herpes. Still feel alone? Just eat normally and chill. You have friends here as well even though you don't know it yet.

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yes, i have learn to calm down a little (something i am learning because i have always freaked out over things since i was little my mom will tell me when i was.younger i should of live in a bubble like bubble boy lol and started eating a lot more and no I do not feel alone anymore

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How many outbreaks are u having?


Antibodies still negative after 10 months? Wow!!


I have constant outbreaks for 7 months. One after the other and I am tired of it too.


Stress is a big trigger so try to reduce that or just keep urself busy.


U will be ok. I lost 20 pounds too w diagnosis. And went on antidepressants. So I hear ya.


Vent on this site. People are amazing!!!!


Are u taking suppressive therapy?


What are the doctors telling u?

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I thought i was the only one that went into that deep depression. and yes reading this site is helping me alot.


i try to keep stress free but work and family are stressful in both location i am the main support.


i need one more month for the suppresive therapy. and i still get outbreaks every month :( and they hurt.


my doctors tell me it will get better in time and be happy and live a normal life that its just a skin condition that has a bad cognition to it. He also said since i have cold sore that the outbreak will be the same i remember when i first had a cold sore (i got it in middle school from a friend sharing a drink) it was horrible every where on my mouth and it lasted a while with constant OB then as i got older it comes once a year or none. I'm hoping it us the same.

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yes i believe is stress from work or being.too.Cold. well the last time i.check the.blood was when i recieve the thearpy so that was in March or April. yes it was crazy to hear your negitive then recieve a call back the next day saying but ur cultures was positive.

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Soooo: Questions...


What kind of Dr did the test? OBGYN or GP?


is it HSV1 or 2? It sounds like you were having a primary OB in which case you likely got it from your BF ... has he been tested? It's useful to know so you know if you need to consider what you want to do as a couple to protect him.


April/May was borderline for the results... I'd have another blood test done now. If it's still negative, I'd re-do the culture on your next OB. Something isn't lining up quite right, but it may be that you were borderline at your last test.


Regarding foods, I gave you some links on your other thread ... but the deal is, triggers are different for different people AND for different times of your life. I went through a spell where I couldn't have chocolate and peanut butter at the same time (but I could have them separately). That lasted about a year when I was going through the main part of menopause. Now I eat both in huge quantities and I'm fine. So you will have to figure out your triggers ... nuts, chocolate, sun, sugar and stress are the main culprits for most people....





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at first the urgenf care did the culture test and when it came back the urgent care did a culture test and blood wirk and that is where it was negative but the culture was positive. i went to the obgyn and she said with the culture it was positve. but they never tested what kind both places said it was two because of the location.


I kniw i got it from him because i was single for a while and then we got back together with him and every year or before a new relationship i always get tested. He has not gotten tested the only outbreak he gets is hsv1 which he said he always had since he was young. But when i found out the news i told him and he knew so much about it and helped me cope with it.


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Well, your Dr's are not 100% up on their stuff. For one, the culture could have told you which one it is ... but only if they run a "type specific" culture (which they should but many don't :( ). Also, to tell you that it was H2 "because of location" is waaaayyyyy behind the times on their info ... HSV1 CAN be transferred down south through oral sex and that has been known for a number of years now. It constantly amazes me how out of date doctors are about Herpes info. Makes me wonder how out of date they are with all the other things they are *meant* to know.


It's VERY possible that this is what you got from him ... HSV1 ... but until you BOTH get blood tested you won't know. However, if it IS HSV1, the fact that he already has that virus in him means that he has at least *some* resistance to getting it on his genitals from you.

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