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Type 1 diabetes and H

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Just wondering if anyone has any info on the relationship between type 1 diabetes and H. The guy I'm seeing, who is also the person who gave it to me, is diabetic. I know the disease makes people more susceptible to many other illnesses and slows healing time. Is it possible his diabetes made him more susceptible to infection in the first place? Would it also make him more prone to recurrences or viral shedding? He doesn't take antivirals. And are there additional concerns over healing time if he does have an OB? (I have noticed a single small sore/bump on a couple different occasions). I know it doesn't make sense for me to be more concerned about his health than he is, but as it's directly affected mine, I feel the info would be helpful. I know that was a lot of questions. Thanks.

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Anything that puts the body under stress can make you more susceptible to weaknesses in your immune system.


If he was not using any kind of antivirals or condoms then your risk as a female anyway (assuming you got H2) was about 10% ... all our lovely folds of skin down there make us more susceptible...


Either way - given that you have it now, he can't give you "more" of the virus ... if that is your concern ... once you have had it for 4-6 months your antibodies will generally keep it to the areas where you have it and you shouldn't have to be concerned about his shedding rates...

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I guess my concern was spreading it to other areas, and also whether the fact he has diabetes in any way makes his situation worse bc he won't take anything. It just seems like given how much longer it takes him to heal from even minor cuts (a "floor burn" on his elbow took over 2 weeks to go away) that preventing them in the first place would be a good idea. He is kind-of in denial about the whole thing. He still hasn't gone to the doctor even tho I had what appears to be an OB in April. I

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