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lysine dosing

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ok, ive read a bunch of posts regarding lysine but am still a bit confused. I started Friday taking 500 mg. do people take it as "suppressive" or only during outbreaks? and at what level for each? ive also heard of adding vit C 2000mg ( that might cause mouth ulcers for me) and zinc 100mg. the lysine doesage ive seen is 1-3 G. Im also a fan of the Echinacea and goldenseal but its my understanding that herbs are not to be taken all the time, like RX meds they serve a purpose. supplements are different as they are only boosting what you already need.

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This my daily med/vitamin & supplement regime:

1 500mg Valacyclovir

1 500mg Vitamin C

1 500mg L-Lysine

2 125mg Echinecea (I take in a supplement form)

I also take birth control, hair & nails gummy vitamins, and melatonin to help me sleep.


Lysine is an amino acid that seems to inhibit the virus as it appears to reduce the number and intensity of outbreaks. You can get dietary L-Lysine from foods such as yogurt, fish, potatoes and brewer's yeast. At the same time, we should cut back on foods containing L-Arginine, another amino acid that may promote outbreaks. These foods include chocolate, peas, nuts and seeds, and can also found in beer. Now, I myself am a chocolate, pea, nut, and beer lover so I can not simply cut those out of my life, nor will I, but I'll be balanced about it. Really, from what I've been reading and seen on this forum it is all about BALANCE and knowing YOUR body.


Hope this is helpful!

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The bottle of lysine i have says to take 2 x 500gm 3x daily.

thats for whenbu have an active o.b. (oral or gennital).

id assume 2x500gm a day is acceptable for a natural suppresive.

there is not enough studies to show what long term effects are as most recomondations are 6 months or less.but when i spoke to b.c. health canada they assured me 1000gm a day shouldnt harm my body. Be sure not to take more than 3000gm a day tho.

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I take L-Lysine every day. 500 mg in the morning 500mg at night. My doctor would rather me be on L-Lysine. I don't consider it as a Suppressive, but the Amino acids in there help boost your immune system. They also have helped my immunities to H. With helping my immunities to other things. Such as I get sick frequently. I think that it is a great thing. It doesn't help like suppresives to lower the risk factor of transferring it to your partner, but it does help your body get immune to H, and I haven't had an OB in three months.

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Yeah I am on suppressives when I am with my boyfriend, but he told me since it was giving me horrible sunburns that he would rather me not be on them.. because I don't want any more second degree sun burns. Lolol.


But my boyfriend has to go get checked, because he thinks he has it. He has been taking l-lysine for a long time also.

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For reasons beyond our understanding at the moment. L-Lysine seems to be very effective for some, not so much for others. There are Dr's who are convinced that it doesn't help at all. I believe that it will depend on your personal digestive system and how you process it and your immune system strength. By all means, try it ... if it works for you, awesome! It's just one of many things we can do to control the virus ;)

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thanks all. im currently using 500mg, may up it to 1k but im not having OBs at the moment. my first Dr appoint. is tomorrow and im a bit anxious but overall better than 2 weeks ago. I wasn't meaning as a true suppressive more as long term therapy. also anyone use that omega red? I know fish oil is suppose to be for the heart and to some degree the brain. my buddy who had cancer 2x swears by it and they now have a multi vitamin with it.

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Fish oil won't hurt - anything that helps to strengthen your system will help ... try it ... if you notice a difference, keep taking it. Just be careful to not rely on supplements to keep your body healthy. Start with a good diet and lifestyle.... supplements should be *in addition to* ... not the foundation to .... good health practices ;)



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