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Moving forward: my story

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So... I guess I'm actually moving forward with this thing. I think I've made such rapid progress due to the love and support of my boyfriend and best friends that I've told and of course this amazing forum and you lovely people. Isolation would have definitely slowed things down... Not that I'm 'open' about it, and not that I'm 'ok' with having h... Just I'm 'moving forward' from the sheer dismay, shock, panic, anxiety and self loathe that came with my diagnosis. I'm currently taking anti vitals for a month and so is my partner... This has meant no out break for a good few weeks now and I think this has allowed my mind to heal ( I guess I'm a little worried I'll drop back into the negative feigns when I get my next ob).


Last week me and my boyfriend enjoyed a lovely holiday (vacation for you Americans) in Greece, where we had plenty of sun (didn't trigger) and lots of sex (oral too) and no triggers or repercussions except for us coming home even more in love and close... Some kid told a 'herpes is for life' joke on the plane home in front of a group of his make friends... My boyfriend looked over to me ( I could feel him looking to watch my reaction)... I pretended I didn't hear, even though he knows I did. It made me feel sad.. But after an hour or so I'd forgotten about it...


I feel happier at the moment and just thought I'd share some positivity because most of my posts are me freaking out about one thing or another...


Thanks guys x

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Happy for you!! I'm only a week into my diagnosis and I feel like I'm doing surprisingly "ok" at the moment too. I've also been on antivirals since the day I found my bump, so my OB cleared up quickly.. I'm fearful that I'll crash back to reality when my meds run out, if I happen to go right into a terrible OB.. Trying to stay positive.. I tell myself constantly that it could be MUCH worse.. I have all of my limbs, all of my senses, no life threatening diseases, a great job, wonderful family and friends, a beautiful daughter... I can't let this hold me back.. None of us can! I find myself going through this little pep talk a number of times each day.. But whatever it takes, right?? :-) Happy that you have the support of your boyfriend and that you enjoyed your vacation! Keep that chin up and keep the positivity alive!!!!

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