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Does this ever happen to you?

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O.K. this is really weird...back in May, I was at home, chillin' out with my dog Dex and on that particular day, I had changed my dogs flea medication. So, it was late at night I couldn't sleep and I had him on my bed and I was letting him lay on me and I was petting him until I finally kicked him off the bed because I was getting tired. In the middle of the night I felt itchy on my upper thigh under my butt and so I began to scratch and soon realized, my butt and upper thigh were covered in hives! So this persists for almost two months. At random times I would break out into hives. They would start in a particular area and then move up or down my body. I only suppressed with them Benadryl because that was literally the only thing that made them go down. Even when I was hospitalized with my H outbreak they had an Ivy pumping Acyclovir in me and I would sometimes have hives come up on my foot or knee but they would swell like really bad. O.K. well yesterday I started Dex on that flea medication again. It lasts a mo. and today and last night I had random hives come up. But last week I also had them come up on my hands. I'm trying to figure out if this is a heat thing while I'm laying in bed or an allergic reaction because even before I found out I had HSV I was having these hives come up they went down with benadryl and I actually spoke to a dr. and she said it could be Dex's flea med. . But I'm also curious if this is a sign of an outbreak because my period is coming up. I read that hives could come up with a viral infection such as herpes and this could be chronic idiopathic urticaria. I have a dr. appointment next week and I'll probably be referred to an allergist..But I've had 3 physicians and a guy from the C.D.C. and an emergency surgeon say that they have no idea where or how these hives are coming about. Maybe I'll have better luck with an allergist, but I'm sure this is herpes related. Does this happen to anyone???


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I had a similar problem when I first got h. I thought I was allergic to acyclovir and my doctor tested me for all allergies and didn't find anything. I ended up having scabies that I contracted from my cousin who's in day care. I would have hives pop up and it was especially bad at night. I obviously don't know what's causing your hives, but I think it's worth it to see a dermatologist as they know the most about skin conditions and could hopefully figure it out! Usually h doesn't cause as many problems as we think it does :) goodluck!

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It's tempting to blame everything on H. When I was married I had a giant, awesome German Shepard and I'd get skin reactions from him from time to time that had nothing to do with H. Could be he's getting playing in some plants you're allergic to, could be the flea meds like you say. It's likely not H causing your hives at all, but you're wisely seeing all the docs to see what the root cause is. I wouldn't stress.

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the simplest answer is often the right one. if this happened and keeps happening around putting Dexs flea meds on then that sounds about it. those meds are made to last for a month so they may get in your system also. I use to put the stuff on my dogs head/neck and rub it in then immediately scrub my hands. sometimes a cigar is only a cigar.

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Lol. I know, I know... I don't want to blame everything on me having herpes. I know my body is obviously reacting to something negative. I do have my doctors appointment tomorrow and I took pictures to show him what it looks like. They are just hives, but it has gotten bad enough to where it felt like my hand was on fire one time...I honestly just don't know what it is that's why I was curious if this could be associated with herpes. I started an allergy medication and I'm going to stay on it so I can control the hives. I just thought it was weird. My body has been playing tricks on me these past few months. I'll wait to see what my doc says because I'm all over the place with this one :/ I have kept Dex away from though bc the meds have already been applied, but I'm going to ask the doctor for a referral to an allergist or whoever can determine what it is because they come up so randomly at the worst times! I've had them come up at work and that's not good...I'm sure it is something in plain sight, but I just can't figure this one out.

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@seeker is right... it could well be the medication ... and I hate to say it, but it may be the dog. Sounds like you need a full allergy testing .. make sure they know to test for the chemicals in the medication.


This *could* also explain your extreme reaction to your first OB ... sounds like your immune system is over-reacting to certain things ... so the Dr's may test you for auto-immune issues too.....


Glad you have a Dr's appt ... best to get a professional work-up for those hives ...

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