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I spoke too soon

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Woke up with one itch and as soon as I touched it I just knew and jumped out of bed and got the mirror. I'm on my period and had really bad lower back pain yesterday and just attributed it to that really... But now I know it must have been a sign/ symptom... I feel all sad again... I am on anti virals but I'm going to up my dose... Means I have to go to the doctors again... At least this way I can get more anti virals... But I'm gutted again...

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I'm trying harder to be positive this time, I'm recognising symptoms more and this time it's just one sore (at least for now) it's not too painful and I'm going to buy some astringent ASAP to try and dry it up faster .... I'm just sad because I though it had pissed off and it's come creeping back up on me argh... Angry right now...

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It's just one spot, it doesn't itch or hurt at the moment... But get the odd 'zing' or 'zap' feeling in my foot or my hands, and I'm now realising the back ache two days agow as when I should have upped my dose of antivirals... I've doubles my suppressive dose and taken 2000mg of l-lysine and a 15mg zinc capsule... I feel bad because I'm sure there are people suffering worse than me out there right now, but what makes it hard is that my boyfriend and friends are like, well what caused it? Did I do anything different? ... Do u think your period caused it?... Do u think the anti vitals arnt working for you? ... I have no idea, from what I gather no matter what I do, I'm going to have recurrent outbreaks and that's what no one including me can understand... It's such a nasty virus why won't it just fuck off?!

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Sounds like your period triggered it. Very normal, especially given how long you have had it .


As I keep saying to people, you are only weeks/a few months into this. .. you will likely live 4000+weeks in your life. So be patient! Your body is still learning how to deal with it. You are still learning how to deal with it.


People nowadays are so used to getting medicine to cure/relieve everything rather than taking the time to allow their body to learn to deal with the issue. Herpes is helping you to learn patience friend! This sounds like a very minor set back. .. don't let it get into your head ;)



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True -


But don't "wait" for the next one ... LIVE LIFE! You have 20 something days until you *might* have another one ... AND you cleared it up fast with the meds so you are already learning how to control it. Stop letting it control your thoughts - YOU learn how to control the OB's and it will become a very minor thing for you much faster ;)



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