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Herpes Medication Therapy


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Is anyone having herpes outbreaks and not using medication? What do you think about the natural treatment of not being on medication? I was thinking of just using Valtrex if I ever had a horrible outbreak because besides having the UTI, my first OB was only 1 sore that hardly hurt (until the liquid popped and throbbed all night). I only took the Valtrex when I got tested and it went away in 2 days. But besides that, it wasn't too bad. What's your opinion?

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JC I have been asking the same thing. I actually took all the acyclovir the first round after I got diagnosed. Then I asked for a prescription. I continued taking it til recently. I feel my outbreak wasn't that bad. I realize I am more paranoid about the recurring outbreaks and spreading it but I'm not currently in a relationship so I think I'm good lol I have just been trying to eat healthy. Others have recommended lysine and eating foods high in lysine and I'm trying to eat the foods high in lysine. I would rather stay off meds. I actually was reading about the side affects and I think I had more anxiety with it.

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Here's my take on it: http://herpeslife.com/herpes-medication


Note: This is for informational purposes only. This information does not constitute medical advice or diagnosis.
I'm not a medical professional, so please take this as friendly peer support. 

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I am trying suppressive therapy now because I'm sick of monthly outbreaks. I've only been HSV2 positive for about 7 months and I understand my body is still adjusting to the virus, but it's been really difficult for me to feel like I hit a wall and have to pick myself up that often. My question is, does anyone know if there is a generic form of acyclovir? If I continue using this daily, it would be nice if there were a cheaper form of it since I'm not insured. Any information out there?

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Both acyclovir and valacyclovir (Valtrex) are the generics antiviral medications for herpes. Acyclovir is the least expensive and valacyclovir even though it is a generic is still very costly!!! I believe that acyclovir is only $4 for a months supply at Walmart. It might only be the 200mg capsules but $8 still isn't too bad for a months supply.


As for the discussion about whether to take medications or not I feel that it is really an individual decision. When I was first diagnosed I tried taking lysine supplements and avoided foods high in arginine to help with the outbreaks but it did nothing for me (except give me terrible stomach aches). So I started taking valacyclovir and decided to stay on it daily for suppressive therapy since I am sexually active. I have never experienced any side effects from valacyclovir (and I know all of them since I am a pharmacist) but everyone reacts differently to medications which is why you have to decide for yourself if its worth it. If you have any specific questions about medications I would be happy to answer them!

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@ pepper. Are there any long term side of effects of being on Suppressive medication therapy? Is there a limit for how long you can stay on SMT? I'm not on it, but will consider it if I have too many episodes. I'm just concerned about any health risks associated with this medication. Thanks!

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HI ,


i dont take medication because i think that it supresses the real problem in our bodys,that there is a miss balance somewhere in you body or of one of your organs.I go to chinese medizin and he think that all my herpes problem mostly comes from my lever....when he accupuncture my lever point ,i get really badly electrical shocks.They say that the emotions are connected to lever, which makes since because the virus is breaking out when you stressed or upsad.I have Herpes now over a year and i got 2 outbreaks a month (which is far to much), its a very slow process ,it starts to get better now. Sure I can go to pharmacy and buy some valtrex but from my opinion this way is far to easy....to go the natural way you have to suffer a lot but i still believe that i will get one day free of outbreaks ,if i can bring my body in good balance.

Everyone need deal with that virus how its best for him, with or without drugs.

hope you all will have herpes free day :):):)

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Its been a while since I've been on the forum. To update everyone, I've had 2 outbreaks already with another one on the way (possible outbreak, not sure yet). I have a doctor's appointment to talk about suppressive medication therapy.

primary breakout started the end of October with a blister that popped on November 3.... another outbreak on November 23... and today I felt a sensation, but I'm going to wait until I see any bump or discharge that I normally get with the outbreaks. This is annoying!

Thanks for all the wonderful comments!

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I have state medical insurance cause I work part-time. This place has their own pharmacy. All medication for me is free. Once I get a full-time job, I won't be able to have this program anymore and I'll get a PPO... any good insurances out there that you know of? Thanks!

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