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Is it safe for partner to give oral sex?

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Hey guys,


For the last month I have been dating this girl. I told her about herpes and all the statistics about transmission and she said she is ok with it all as long as we are being safe. We have been having sex but recently she has had some concern about giving oral sex and me transmitting the virus from my genitals to her mouth. I know the rate of transmission while taking antivirals (which I take) and not using a condom is 4% for sex, does that same number apply to oral sex? I have not been able to find anything on the internet about this, it's mostly about transmitting herpes from the person giving the oral sex, not the person receiving it. I'm not sure if I have HSV1 or HSV2 and plan on getting a blood test within a month to find out.


I plan on sharing my herpes talk success story here once I get the time, very busy starting up my sophomore year at college right now.

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Apparently, each of the simplexes prefer their "own environment" (1=mouth; and 2=genitals). Having said that, there are cases where they do cross over so you have to understand that there is always a risk of transmission. From what I understand, there is a chance to transmit HSV-2 to mouth though a very small percentage and that we shouldn't engage in oral sex if there are lesions.


This is a very good video to watch and, in this link, Adrial has it cued up to the section where Dr. Leone discusses oral sex:


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Definitely get the blood test asap because knowing which one you have definitely helps.


If you have hsv2 the risk of passing it on is nearly nil. . Only 1% of all oral H is from hsv2. HsV1 transmission is pretty low because it sheds much less down there. If you take anti virals the risk will be pretty small.


Also, there's a very good chance she is already carrying hsv1orally. 80% of the population has it and 80% of them don't know they have it and likely have never been tested for it. :/



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