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Who went to therapy after their herpes diagnosis?

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I've made an appointment to see a therapist for next week and I'm really looking forward to going. I've been to a therapist before and I'm a therapist myself. I think having that outsider person in your life can be really beneficial. I just wanted to know if others have gone to therapy after their diagnosis and how it was for you? If it helped?


Thanks so much all.


<3 L

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I have not, but I know many on here have. Glad you are getting help. And just think of how much better YOU will be having this understanding of an "incurable illness" and how it messes with your psyche for your future clients? (Looking at the Silver Lining here ;) )


Adrial went to a "Sex Positive" conference earlier this year - you may want to watch it ... he told me that most of the participants were therapists and social workers and the exercise they put them through really changed how they understood how the diagnosis messes with some patients self-image and self worth.



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I went to a therapist for both the hsv diagnosis shock and the aftermath of finding out someone I loved lied to me. It helped, but mostly time helped. It's been two years now and I stopped seeing the therapist about six months ago. I'm one of those lucky people that has only had one outbreak (but it was a BEAST) so I haven't had to deal with the physical side of herpes for two years. That helps. The emotional side is a little more complex.

Seeing a therapist also helped me uncover and look at some self destructive behavior that I've been engaging in since I was a teenager. I've always been sort of conservative about relationships, but always picked people that have issues, as if I thought I could "fix" them. Anyways, best of luck.

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I went to therapy b/c I got myself into quite a pickle with herpes and everything else...I also went on antidepressants as it was too much for me to handle...slowing I am weaning off and I am at 9 months post diagnosis.


The first 2 months all I talked about was herpes....probably went thru several boxes of tissues each session. Now I am down to a few tissues only plus herpes takes up 25% of my session....the remaining I am working on me....figuring what I want out of life....

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Hey daisies!!! I read somewhere on here a couple of weeks ago that you went to an infectious disease specialist, and that he doesn't think you have herpes after all!?! Is that correct?! If so, I think that is really amazing news. It just goes to show people, you really have to be very, very aggressive about questioning and following up on a diagnosis whose intrinsic probability is low. That's what I did, and if I didn't, I would have lost the next 25 years thinking I have H. Feel free to send me an email letting me know what's going on.

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I went to therapy for a while and I really don't think my therapist really knew how to deal with me. She didn't know much about the virus at all. It didn't necessarily make me feel better about myself and having H, but it was beneficial to be able to voice all my issues, rather than them just running circles in my head.


Hopefully your therapist is a bit more informed. Good luck!

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MY THEREPY WAS THE HOPP WEEKEND SEMINAR!!!! Not yelling just excited. No lie I found Adrial days after my diagnosis...went to the seminar 2 months later. I then took his on line course. I put all of his tools into my daily routine. It changed my life forever! The forum has really helped too. We are not alone!

On that note I think therapy rocks and I have been many times. Where else can you pay people to talk about me LOL! We all heal and cope in different ways...Im so happy that you have made this decision for yourself. You deserve an amazing life!!! Please let us know how its going!

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I was already in therapy when I was diagnosed, but since this summer have been talking about herpes a lot, obviously. I was surprised how difficult it is to really talk about about this virus and how it makes me feel-even in the safe space of my therapist's office. With her I can't rely on funny jokes or humour about herpes which I've been doing a lot with friends. With her I can begin to let go and cry a bit.

I think it's great to get some help whenever you need it.

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I went to therapy a few months after. I actually really needed it before for past issues and emotional trauma. I went with the sole reason of trying to cope with my diagnosis and the trauma of the relationship I was in.I started with a support group for depression and anxiety and it helped me so much and I have been meeting with a therapist regularly since. It's been 2 years now. Therapy helped me in so many ways to grow as a better and healthier person holistically. I love it!!

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