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So irritated

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I've been going lord knows how long I've been going without having an outbreak, and all of a sudden there here back to back, ridiculous. My boyfriend for the past 2 years almost 3 years doesn't have herpes, yet a blood test tells me I have it. I got one sore August 2nd and although it no longer hurts and after taking a 1000 mg a day for 10 days it's still there.it looks like a small scar In the shape of dot, a couple of days ago in a completely different spot, pops up another one. This one I felt it coming along, it didn't hurt, it didn't itch, it just felt irritated and because it was closer to my butt, my whole right cheek felt weird, it was almost comforting in a weird crazy kind of way. Then 2 days later I see a break in my skin and I don't realize it's even there until I go to the restroom and when wiping my self I irritate it a bit, anyways this is confusing and irritating, I'm at my ends width here. Could this possibly be something else, I'm not trying to give this to my boyfriend and from what I was told it as dormant, I just find it really weird that it layed dormant for so many years and now I'm having an outbreak every month, I'm just so confused and just ready to break up with my boyfriend, what man wants to be with a woman he can't even have sex with, it takes weeks for these things to go away even with medication.just wanna know does this sound like anyone else, no puss, no scabbing at all.just thinking maybe it could be something else

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im pretty sure mine layed for dormant for a long time too. then OB in april. then in july then in august. mine take 5 days to clear up with no meds. but still..when youre trying to be safe for your partner youre outta commission for like 2 weeks a month. so im in your same boat. i know others say get creative an yes thats fun. i understand what youre going through. im really trying to boost my immune system right now to see if i can stop these monthly OBs. just try to keep positive thoughts. an let your man know how your feeling he will prob say something to comfort you that you need to hear

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Yes - it can come and go. Look back and see if you have changed something in your diet or lifestyle that may be causing the OB's. It's also possible it's hormones. And it may go away as fast as it came and you may never know what brought it on.


just ready to break up with my boyfriend, what man wants to be with a woman he can't even have sex with,


So here's the deal friend. If all he wants is sex, why would you want him? Now, if he wants INTIMACY, that's different. Intimacy isn't just sex ... there's all kinds of amazing things you can do without intercourse.... so you have a choice. Allow Herpes to be your excuse to pull away from him, or use it as a great reason to learn other ways to be close. I spent the night with a new guy that I'm getting to know. I made it clear I didn't want to have sex yet (he knows my status and is ok with it). So we agreed pants wouldn't come off... and I have to say it was the HOTTEST make-out session I've ever had. And in the end, you can masturbate yourself or each other off if you feel the need for release, or give him a blowjob, etc. Or you can just revel in all those things that you just discovered about each other that you wouldn't have learned if you just bonked every night ;)


And there's other sexual practices that don't require clothes to come off - Tantric Sex being the best known. :) Oh and TOYS! Don't forget the toys! :D


I get you are frustrated ... but we never said it goes away forever. H is a slippery little devil, but it can also teach you a LOT in life - patience, compassion, how to pick better friends/partners .... and ... how to have great, hot intimacy without penetration.



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Well there you go then - lots of physical/health stress. Work on getting your health back and odds are the H will clear up ;)


And one thing you will learn from H is that there's only so much you can do sometimes to "control" things.... and sometimes we just have to accept what life throws at us today, attack it, and move forward. :)

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ok, im gonna ask, have you been unusually stressed lately? maybe something triggered it?

as far as your BF is concerned, im a guy, take my word for it. if you do something, anything that gives him a " happy ending" he will be good with that. have fun, be creative, let out your wild side. we are not only naked ( in that we are hairless) apes but we are sexy apes as well and have the most varied sex life of all creatures on our planet, that variety is part of the pair bond, it helps hold us in a pair. so, buy a kama sutra

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Thanks seeker, I never knew that my teeth issues might be triggering my outbreaks. ...dancer is it possible to have shingles,chicken pox, and other viruses that are linked to herpes, make your blood test come back positive for herpes.ive heard that sometimes other strings of the virus can cause a test to come back positive and I remember you asking in me what my numbers were, I looked at it once or twice weeks after being diagnosed, the first line was negative for hsv 1 and hsv 2 was positive I remember seeing a 1> or it was either like this 1 <, there were no other numbers other than a 1.but I'll look at it again when I go back to the doctor.

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No - the HSV test is Type Specific ... it looks for a certain protein in the HSV 1 or 2 virus.


Ask your Dr for a printed copy of the results - you should ALWAYS get a hard copy of your results for ANY procedure/test and keep it in a health folder. It can save tons of time in the future and you never have to guestimate what your results were ;)

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Ohh, ok.good to know. I do believe I have herpes, just think whatever is going on with me right now is something different. I think automatically when they realized i had hsv 2, they assumed that any issue down , that it must be herpesherpes.im thinking about just going to the emergency room maybe I'll get better answers there.

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You should get ur blood test result and the score. The blood test without actual outbreak may not be reliable. I tested positive for both hsv1 and 2 but my hsv2 fall into potential false positive score. So on 8/25 I took a WB test as confirmatory test. I am waiting for my result. I am very irritated down there for 7 weeks now but never had lesions or sores ( I hope I didn't miss them but been to the doctors for 10 times) and no one saw anything to swab.

So just for ur peace of mind... U should get ur blood test result and go get seen by a doc if u feel like u r having outbreak to get PCR or culture. God bless, S

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Well again, it's not at all uncommon for someone to have a long break between OB's and your timing with the dental work makes me think your system is just run down and it allowed the virus to sneak through your defenses. I have a client who had her FIRST OB after 32 yrs of marriage ... that's what I mean by H being a slippery devil. So there's a really good chance that is what it is.


If you want it looked at, DON'T go to the ER - they are clueless there most of the time. Go to an OBGYN/Planned Parenthood/STD clinic ... they are the specialists in H and if its not that they have the best chance of giving you an accurate diagnosis.... ;)

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So true, thanks guys.i had a prescription leftover from when they first diagnosed me, I'm taking 500 mg 3 times a day of valtrex and I've been taking the medicine since Wednesday nite and since then have had another bumb(no sore) poo up.wondering if the bump is an ingrown hair since I got my first sugar waxing 2 weeks ago and I'm also on amoxicillin right now because of my infected teeth, I'm just going to sit back and the

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