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OMG 6 days left until H Opp weekend!!!!

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Well, I have been up and down about this h opp weekend. First thrilled to go, almost like a kid before Halloween...then petrified and not wanting to go....but I realized, what am I petrified about?


Being with a bunch of people who are likely just like me (well likely not as screwed up as me Lol)....correction, going through the same struggle as I am, people who likely will be full of empathy and compassion which is what I really need now...people who are brave enough to do something like this....to be vulnerable and reveal some private, personal things about themselves to total strangers bonding them forever! Really hoping there will be lots of Hugs too since that is your trademark Dancer! ;)


Hummmmm.....I am up for it now!!!! Really hoping I will become a regular to your h opp seminar Adrial!


Less than a week away....I am ready for this to be EPIC ;)

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Ah, EPICness is certainly on the menu. ;) I can already feel the energy building. And by the way, Ms. Daisy, each and every participant I've spoken to so far speaks of exactly that: A mixture of excitement and terror. That's the sweet spot telling you that a big shift is coming. We have an AWESOME group of participants flying in from far and wide as well as twice as many of my close friends and family to help support all of you. It's going to be quite the crew.


It's on. Ready or not.


And wow, I don't know what the heck you're talking about thinking we'll have any room to go out dancing! That'll be our little inside joke by the time the weekend rolls around, mark my words ("And now Dancer wants to hit up the dance clubs. Go figure!") ;)

Note: This is for informational purposes only. This information does not constitute medical advice or diagnosis.
I'm not a medical professional, so please take this as friendly peer support. 

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Well Adrial I may be the only one at ur seminar that doesn't have a definitive diagnosis. I dunno. So I am really nervous about being judged ( I know it's not meant to be judgment but it's meant to be helpful) that I do or do not have herpes simplex 1 in both places.


Seems like even my infectious disease specialist has doubts and is determined to solve the riddle which is like a huge relief for me bc I have been ping ponged from dr to dr. I will tell u more about it on our call next week.


Btw u win the award for most gorgeous picture!!!! Are you going to be handing out signed photographs at the seminar....it would be appreciated. ;). Lol



Just kidding.


Can't wait and also can wait for Friday!!! :)

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Here are all the details (along with an awesome video of past participants talking about their experience):


Note: This is for informational purposes only. This information does not constitute medical advice or diagnosis.
I'm not a medical professional, so please take this as friendly peer support. 

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Maybe we could just have a little Blue Dancing during the workshops ... after all, dancing makes EVERYTHING better ;)


And Adrial - we Westies dance from Midnight till we drop or until they kick up out of the ballroom so they can start the morning Workshops... whichever comes first. So don't put it past me to get out for a few hrs some time over the weekend...LOL ;)

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blue dancing? or blues dancing? cause if its blue im driving up!!! lol. have fun people. im guessing the board will be a ghost town. ah well it will be good to step outside. id come but money is ubber tight right now. if gas were a nickel a gallon I couldn't drive an ants motorcycle around the inside of a cheerio. unless of course I hit last nights lotto, then drinks are on me.

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@seeker Blues Dancing - it's like a cross between Swing and Tango.... and it's a lot of fun ;)


I'll be checking in when I can - and it's only going to be a handful of us by comparison to how many we have posting on here...




I think we had the dates around June - trying to make it work for all the staff was part of it ... but maybe we can just set the date right after this one and then we will all have more time to juggle our calendars. ;)

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Ms. Daisy, your feelings are totally normal. Up until the moment you walk in the door you will most likely feel excitement, terror, second thoughts and most likely before you put your hand on the door handle to walk in your last thought may be "What the HELL was I thinking??" and then you will walk in and feel the energy, love, and acceptance and see all those smiling, welcoming smiles and a more than a few people looking just a nervous as you and you will realize you are exactly where you need to be. There are many people who would not have the courage you do to come to the event. Honor yourself for your courage and for making yourself and your healing a priority. You are choosing to take this experience of having herpes and using it to heal, bond, and create the most amazing life. You are making lemonade (with a splash of vodka!) out of lemons my dear. I have been to the weekend as a participant and as a helper and I wish I was there again to meet you all and to be part of the amazing energy, love and fellowship that will be taking place. I will be there in spirit and I look forward to hearing your reactions when you get back. Have a fabulous time!!


Hugs to you all!!


Brenda xo

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So with the seminar so close I have found myself reflecting...Just remembering who and where I was in my life then.....and where I am now wow!!!! And If I am capable of such growth anyone is! Be ready to be welcomed by the most wonderful warm supportive people you will ever meet! I am so excited to see everyone! Much love PEEPS!!!!

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