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I'm making a semi-scientific information booklet on Herpes, for college, and I need your help!

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Hi guys, so for college, we're doing a virus and disease unit in the future, where we need to promote awareness and dispel rumours about them. So, I thought why not do herpes, I mean I have it and no one in my class will know, because it's a pretty well known virus. I've already set up the questionnaire, I just need you guys to fill it in and share it will anyone you know with herpes.


It mostly focuses on genital, but I don't see why those with coldsores/cankersores etc. can't fill it in either.


Here's a link: http://goo.gl/fI8rin


There's also a chance, at the end, to put in your email, and I will send you a copy of the booklet when it's done.


Thanks guys!

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I would DEFINITELY include those with cold sores - because they need to know that they can pass it on through oral sex :)


"If you have herpes, you can pass it on to your children, when you're pregnant with them."


This question is a bit misleading - you can pass H on when in LABOR, not when pregnant ... so your answers may be a bit skewed on that one ;)

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Hey kiritoxasuna! Glad you're doing this project. :)


And to further clarify about herpes and pregnancy, herpes tends to only be passed to the baby while having an active outbreak while giving birth. It's very rare. And the mother tends to be on suppressive medication in the months leading up to pregnancy to try to avoid having an active outbreak at the time of birth. And if a herpes outbreak does come up, then a C-section would be the way to go. Herpes is only passed skin-to-skin; it's not passed through the blood or bodily fluids. The antibodies of the mother tends to protect the baby from asymptomatic viral shedding.

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