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Questions about my results: does bacteria cause herpes?

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Okay so im not sure how to feel right now. I got my culture results back and it said I had a bacteria detected called Streptococcus pyogenes. Granted I got my results via an email although they told me to expect a phone call which I never received. I literally just saw the email tonight and since it late I can't call the doctor and through much google research I found the bacteria can cause lesions and give you the same symptoms as herpes however I didn't read anywhere That it caused herpes. I got my culture done during an outbreak which I read is of course the best time to get it done. Or what I thought was an outbreak I should say. I know the next effective way of knowing if you have herpes is through a blood rest but if I did contract it, the results may come back negative right bc I just recently got it? I'm so confused and I don't want to get my hopes up I keep researching this bacteria and causes I know this isn't a medical sit but does anyone know if the bacteria causes herpes? When the doctor checked me out that day he said he did believe I have herpes while the nurse tried to calm me and say it may not be because they weren't blisters just bumps. But herpes does come in many forms right? I'm just freaking out over here and am in an odd situation .

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The HerpeSelect ELISA takes an average of 23 days to become positive. So, assuming you know the date of your possible exposure, you should wait, I would say, 4 months to be safe, and then you can get that test. Since 23 days is only an average, roughly half of all HSV-positive subjects in the relevant study took longer than 23 days to "turn" positive. I would say if at the 4-month mark the test I mentioned is negative, it is a good sign that you do not have herpes. Then, if negative, get tested again at the six-month mark, as it sometimes takes six months for a detectable quantity of antibodies to form.

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Well when I looked at the results uploaded online I just saw the Streptococcus pyogenes, under the culture results. The doctor just told me he was going to do a culture . I assume he def swabbed for herpes bc I mentioned I was sure that's what I had. I literally had every symptoms if herpes but looking up information about this bacteria it has the same side effects as far as lesions, fatigue, flu like symptoms . I'm just so frustrated bc I can't get answer now and after becoming more knowledgable about herpes I don't want to get my hopes up after discovering how common it is.

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Sounds like you had a bacterial infection ... herpes is viral. Two different things. As @WD said, call and ask... and at this point you may need another blood test later to make sure you don't have H as well, but there ARE a number of things that may act like H ... and you may have got lucky. Try not to worry about it till you can call the Dr. And get a printout of the tests they ran so YOU know for sure what you got ;)



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