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So about three weeks ago, I started flirting with this paramedic that comes to the hospital that I work at. Absolutely amazing. Sweet, kind, handsome, opens ever door I walk through. I like him. In the last three weeks, we have hung out a lot. Probably too much. He even remembered to cook my eggs extremely dry without needing to remind him. I've probably hung out with him almost every other day for the last three weeks.


Now I'm stuck in this hole. Part of me wants to cut it off completely because I don't want to tell him about the diagnosis. The other part is ready to tell him for to work reason. That way if he doesn't accept it, my feelings won't be in it too much. But I will have to see him at work. I should have known before I started talking to him that this may occur. I honestly didn't think it would get to this point.


Idk what to do.. Or where to start much less.

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I think you know what I'm going to say ... TELL HIM!


Sure, you may get rejected ... but remember that H is really just another thing in the long list of "deal breakers" ... things that someone may CHOOSE to not want to live with. And you won't know about how he feels about it until you tell him. If he says no, don't take it personally. It's just a choice...


Illl come back and add more later. I'm at te H Opp Workshops and not at my computer...



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Hi @Ral515!!


I agree 100% with WCSDancer2010, tell him! Tell him now maybe? I mean hes a paramedic, so he should know at least a bit about it. And if he doesnt, it gives u a chance to play teacher!


And what do u have to loose? I told a guy that i ha g-hsv2 on only the second time hanging out with him, that was just over 3 months ago and we r still dating!


And if u do get rejected, u have to think if it for the bbest, yes it will hurt, but not as much as it would hurt getting rejected months after.


Make sure when u tell him that its not near other people, ( grab a hot chocolate and walk by the beach?) Make sure to not be too emotional. ( when i told my now bf, i explained it very casual). Make sure u know ur facts and sats, Then pause and ask if he has any questions. His reaction, will decifer how ur relationship will be. watch his body language as u discuss h.


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