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everyones getting herpes test results...

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Not much an actual post, more so a way of venting something on my mind.


It seems like everyoneeeeee has gotten results and meanwhile my results never seemed to come -_- went to a free confidential std clinic since no doctor or any way if getting one asap, I was given a blood test and he checked and he pretty flat out said it seemed like genital herpes, not oral at all (so I guess thats hsv2?)

And somewhere before this process I was given a unique id number and pin, on a cars saying thr website to go to or number to get my results


Told NOT to check before 10 days, so they could have leeway in the process for my tests,

I was supposed to have them the 8th (or the 9th since the 8th was my tenth day technically.)


And look and behold, the account did not exists... meaning the pin or account # the lady wrote for me must be off by a number, the place is open mondays and fridsy 8am-3 or 4pm

I have class all monday so that wouldnt work, and I have class early Friday and work after it for the rest of the day and that place gets busy and takes time.. I doubt ill be in and out seeing as my first visit I was among the first 6 ppl in and spent about 3 hours there.


You may say call the building, but I would and there isnt a number they publicly show..



So heres a question,

Should I care?

(Yes because they screwed me over what if it was something severe amd they screw up my info...)

I mean I've come to terms I have genital herpes (for the most part) should I just assume its only genital and not oral? Or should I just follow up when I can (which I intend too but god knows when that will be)


I dont know how I exactly feel about this situation to be honest lol thoughts?

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They sound TOTALLY incompetent to me and I'd find another place to get tested


went to a free confidential std clinic since no doctor or any way if getting one asap, I was given a blood test and he checked and he pretty flat out said it seened like genital herpes, not oral at all (so I guess thats hsv2?)


There's NO WAY the Dr could tell by looking if you have HSV1 or 2 genitally. Period. Yes you may have GENITAL herpes (not oral) but sounds like he was assuming it's HSV2 ... 50% of all new genital cases are HSV1 from oral sex ... so your guy needs to either get up on his info or better at explaining what he's talking about :p If you have not had an OB on your mouth and your tests show HSV2, you can assume it's only genital. If you come up HSV1+, well, it's *possible* you have it orally as well but if you've never had an OB on your mouth and assuming your OB was on the genitals, I'd assume you only had it there :(


Given the screw-up with the PIN and such, I'd say find another clinic or go to a urologist (male equivalent of an OBGYN ;) ) and get re-tested because I wouldn't trust their work given their track record anyway :(





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Well it wasn't really the doctors fault, I just crudely summed it up lol. He actually was very informative and told me what you just said, how it can show up genitally but still be type 1 or 2. I guess in the moment I was kind if freaking out and on edge so he made a few jokes (All while informing me on it). And like you said theres no way he could've Todd me what type it was just by looking, but he at least informed me that it was almost definitely herpes and no other disease, and at that moment that was all the closure I needed to it.


Then on my stressed walk home I found this website and thank god for that :)

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hey generic. I went to a place called anylabtestnow. they have offices all over the US. my test was either 49 or 59$. they did a blood test, type specific where they look for the ntigen so its very reliable ( unfortunately that means give up hope of a false positive :) ). they did it thru my email also. I gave them a password which I wrote on my paperwork and my results were there the next evening. I still have that email saved. I needed to printout the results for planned parenthood. no doctor for results but at least 80% of them ive met were rather lacking in the bedside manner area anyway. thoughr reading those results at 9pm alone on a Tuesday really stunk.

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thanks. its been a month and ive settled down considerably. whitedaisies and dancer have helped a lot, thanks you super beautiful one of a kid gals, hugs and kisses. plus a friend who I disclosed to and helped put it in perspective ( 2x cancer survivor, what that crap? its a skin rash). its not news that's fun to read 1/2 hour before going to bed. didn't sleep much that night to say the least. funny thing is, I only open emails from my ex in the morning cause if she emails me its probably going to cause me grief and I don't want that before bed, should have taken that path with the results. I ended up not working that day, moped around, went to clinic for HIV test cause learning the 4x as likely thing freaked me out. funny what a difference a month makes.

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So the results I was expecting about the 8th finally came in -_-

And after me finally accepting the fact that I have genital herpes, the test shows as I have no infections or any other traces or evidence of anything.



The doctor seemed 100 percent that I had genital herpes just by looking at my dick, and even tho he said (to cover his own ass I suppose) that I still have ti get tested to make sure, he failed to inform me that,

A) it could take weeks for antibodies to develop, showing you which strand if herpes you have.


B) the initial infection often goes un shown on test for several reasons..



So im still gonna get re tested, but is there any other way I could have had a false negative

(And for the sake if being positive [which im not]) what could blisters on my dick be besides an std....or herpes more or less?

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Not too sure of the other causes for blisters except maybe heat rash? I know theres like 20 other thigs that resemble a herpes o.b. that are not herpes related. Hate to say it but google might be a help. Even tho it is the devil...


As for your results tho, stay strong and get a test done again in a cple months.

i had a + swab in january, neg blood in april positive blood in june. So really it took me 6 months to get a blood test to show positive. But thats my story. Im not saying u do or dont have it.

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Why didn't he swab the blisters/sores? I don't get that?! Why would he opt for blood test over swabbing...unless I am reading your story incorrectly!?


Next time you have blisters insist on a swab for herpes (the swab will also type it). Yes, if it is a new infection, you will show up negative for a while....best to get tested at 3, 4 or 6 months for a definitive answer (I opt for 4 and 6 months...if 4 months is still negative).


Lots of things can cause blisters/issues on your penis (dick lol). You could still have herpes, you will have to wait til another outbreak bappens and you get it swabbed or you have to blood test at 4 and 6 months.


Good luck


(PS Thx Seeker for the kudos)

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Agreed that a swab would have been a much better option ... but as it is, you *might* have had a bad reaction to something you wore or it may not have been properly rinsed, or you *may* have got a little carried away with, er, self-fulfillment or when having sex .... but given it sounds like your GF had something going on I would get HER tested because odds are she will be more likely to test positive at this point if she has it and gave it to you.


And yes, your Dr should have told you that the odds were it would be negative now unless you had been carrying it for awhile so you would know to go back in 4 or so months for a follow up test :(


And BOTH of you remember, I've had it since 17 ... I'm 53 now and it has barely affected my life.... in the grand scheme of things it's been a *mostly* minor inconvenience at times with the *occasional* royal pain-in-the-nether-regions moments ;)



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@ generic. we guys have it somewhat better in all this as our stuff is more visible. however, we still get funky crap going on down there. wait till you get older and get hardened cysts, penile papules, foliicitus ( you spell it), molluscum, um,er friction sores, heat rash, prickly heat, skin tags. sigh. I had (and posted) about a small bump on my shaft, damned thing appeared on Saturday morning ( at least that's when I saw it) and freaked me out. only to be gone by Saturday night. your doctor should have cultured your sore, unless he knew it was too far gone to have active virus. it seems some doctors prefer the swab others the blood test.

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^Well worst part of my OB was the one blister that developed conveniently under the head of my penis... very close too (if not on) my urethra...

Urination was dreadful because if that. I doubt it was inside the urethra (or else im positive the pain would've been worse) but the fact that if kind of swollen up around the blister must've had some effect for it to hurt.


So November or december I suppose ill get checked. Or if I get another OB which I hope doesnt happen..


Google doesnt help it more so just fills my head with paranoid thoughts lol

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